Janadriyah festival will be back in November for its 35th edition

The festival will unveil the Kingdom’s rich culture to visitors from around the world…

The Ministry of Culture has announced that the National Festival of Heritage and Culture (Janadriyah) will be held in November this year.

The festival is an important national event which unveils the Kingdom’s rich history and culture to visitors. It will include various events and activities, folklore arts, operetta, seminars, cultural, literary and sports events and more.

For the past 34 years since 1985, the festival was organised by Ministry of National Guard, but the Ministry of Culture is taking over for the 35th edition with elaborate plans in place.

Janadriyah festival

Abdul Karim Al-Humaid, a spokesman of the Ministry of Culture, said that the ministry wants to develop the cultural content of the festival and provide various activities and programs that reflect the depth of the national heritage.

A number of meetings and workshops with experts and intellectuals have been arranged to discuss ways the festival can be developed and enriched with more cultural content. The move is in line with Saudi Vision 2030.

He commented that since taking over the festival, ‘the ministry has been working, in coordination with many relevant parties, to develop a comprehensive vision for the next session of the festival.’

He added that the ministry was considering extending the number of days of the event.

In the past, the festival has been visited by leaders of countries and senior officials from around the world and is an important event that showcases the cultural traditions of the country.

We can’t wait to visit this year!

Images: Saudi Press Agency