Meet the team


Alice Holtham, Group Editor

Alice’s textbook Dubai love story began in 2015, and seven years later she still can’t get enough of the city. Her main interests include trying to guess where Sheikh Hamdan is dining next, attending every Jason Derulo performance in Dubai, and avoiding anything that requires getting out her adventure shoes.

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Jumira Hancock, Features Writer

Jumira is a writer who thinks too much, according to her husband. On days when she isn’t hunting down the best stories in town, you’ll probably find her drinking copious amounts of coffee and obsessively scrolling through social media for home décor inspiration.

Tamara Wright, Online Reporter

When not engrossed in the latest happenings and hidden gems of Dubai, Tamara is most likely to spend her mornings at the beach with a good book and matcha, and her evenings eating out with her family. A Pisces with a strong love for the sea, Tamara is also a big fan of pilates, Sundays, blue zones, crime shows, cooking shows, and, ironically, doing absolutely anything to avoid having to cook dinner.

Afrah Bari, Online Reporter

If you’re ever looking for Afrah, you’ll likely find her chilling in one of the many cafés in the buzzy capital. That is if she’s not out looking for the best things to do in the city. A poet at heart, Afrah finds joy in the simple things in life. Her top hobbies (other than writing) include reading, scrolling through Instagram and TikTok for the latest memes and trends (Gen Z alert), and eating out.

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