Saudi Arabia announces the closure of all restaurants and cafes

Only delivery and take-away options will be permitted…

Saudi Arabia has announced that all restaurants and cafes must close with immediate effect to curb the spread of Covid-19. Outlets in the Kingdom are still permitted to offer delivery and take-away services during this time.

Drive-thru services will also still be available, however no customers will be able to dine-in under any circumstances. The government did not specify how long the closure is intended to last for, but it’s expected to continue until the situation is under control.

Several measures have been implemented in the region to contain the spread of coronavirus. This includes the closure of tourist attractions, as well as hospitality venues throughout the Middle East such as Lebanon and Jordan.

While we can expect the closure to continue for at least a few weeks, now is the ideal opportunity to be spending more time in the kitchen at home. If you’re keen to brush up on your cooking skills, there are thousands of exciting recipes available online to test out for yourself.

Or, if cooking isn’t your thing, there’s always delivery. Saudi Arabia has been expanding its food delivery services across the Kingdom over the last few years, meaning you won’t struggle to have something tasty delivered straight to your door during this period.

Stay tuned for further announcements to find out the latest updates, and more information on when restaurants and cafes will be permitted to reopen in Saudi Arabia again.

Image: Unsplash