Zero Latency takes wireless multiplayer VR to the next level

Plug into Zero Latency and step through to another world…

Despite having been around for a few decades now, thanks to some recent tech breakthroughs, Virtual Reality is currently experiencing a huge spike in popularity.

And it’s not just the graphics that have come on leaps and bounds.

Gadgetry such as the CPU backpack at Zero Latency does away with clunky, movement-restricting wires and helps immerse you deeper into simulated environments.

Located in Riyadh’s Salma Centre, Zero Latency offers VR kit straight from the razor’s edge and a thrilling range of multiplayer and single players games, all housed in an expansive warehouse setting.

The Equipment

Your experience at Zero Latency comes complete with the latest in audiovisual hardware, providing crystal clear sensory input.

There’s an armory of controller devices which feature pinpoint precision and realtime feedback.

The team communication tech keeps you in contact with your squad members as you maneuver through the games.

Your virtual experience is rendered through a CPU unit housed in backpacks (which are abaya, thobe, and dish dash friendly) — giving you the freedom to roam further in your virtual world.

The Games

Zombie Survival

There’s a 1-8 player zombie survival game called, rather appropriately, ‘Zombie Survival’. Enjoy a game time of around 15 minutes (even if you and your zombie apocalypse crew aren’t quite at a Rick Grimes walker-slaying level).


Flex your inner John Wick against a hoard of robot assassins, backed by drones and defence turrets, as you and your unit advance towards your goal. 1-8 players, with an approx game time of around 25 minutes.


Solve puzzles in a vertiginous ethereal plane as you attempt to make it back to your tribe. 1-8 players, with an approx game time of around 15 minutes.

Zombies – Outbreak Origins

The most advanced free-roam zombie VR multiplayer game in existence right now. Featuring ultra-realistic living dead, and a frantic boss battle — this experience has to be up there with the best tools for training zombie apocalypse survival skills. 1-8 players, with an approx game time of around 25 minutes.

Sol Raiders – Rift. Raid. Repeat.

It’s team deathmatch time in this Borderlands-esque sci-fi shooter. Fight through three different maps and mutiple game modes, each with their own objective. 2-8 players, with an approx game time of around 15 minutes.

Zero Latency, Salma Centre 4210 Imam Abdullah Ibn Saud Ibn Abdulaziz Rd, Ash Shuhada, Riyadh 13241 6692, Sat to Wed 4pm to midnight, Thu to Fri 5pm to 1am, Sat is ladies only noon to 5pm, SAR150 per hour. Tel: (01) 1 442 2207.

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