Over 90,000 Mosques across KSA to reopen on Sunday

They will reopen before dawn just in time for Fajr prayer…

After closing their doors for nearly two months due to the pandemic, mosques across the Kingdom will be reopening to worshippers on Sunday, May 31, 2020.

In order to maintain safety, the Ministry of Islamic Affairs has embarked upon maintenance, cleaning and sanitization process of more than 90,000 major and minor mosques across the region.

However, mosques in Makkah will remain closed until further notice.

Here’s what you need to know

According to Saudi Press Agency, the ministry has carried out a campaign on media outlets and its portal stating clear rules which they urge worshippers to abide by for their safety.

A tweet sent out by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs’ account stated clear precautionary measures that need to be followed inside mosques.

According to the post, mosques are to open 15 minutes before Athan and closed 10 minutes after prayer.

Mosques will be required to give at least 10 minutes between Athan and Iqama.

Windows and doors are to be open during prayer time, and all water coolers, refrigerators are to be closed as well as places of wudu and toilets.

Holy Qurans and other books will be removed temporarily, and mosques are asked to stop the distribution of items such as water, food, miswak and perfumes. All courses and lectures, as well as memorization circles, are to be suspended.

Worshippers are asked to leave an equivalent space of 1 row between every two rows, and a space of 2 meters is to be kept to the person standing at the side.

A previous tweet by the ministry, states additional safety precautions.

Worshippers will have to bring their own prayer mats and at the moment, those under the age of 15, the elderly and those with chronic diseases are advised to observe their prayers, at home.

In addition to this, ablutions must be done at home and worshippers are instructed to wash their hands and apply sanitizer before they leave home and when they come back.