The top kids shows you can stream right now in the KSA

We’re all about helping you parents work, rest and press play…

Parenting in 2020 is a tough gig, especially over the summer months.

Trying to find the right balance between keeping the kids active, educated and having fun is challenging enough during the holidays, but throw in pandemic restrictions and it’s a whole new level of mumming and dadding.

With the temperatures making it hard to play outside and softplay areas still off many carer’s radars, screen time is already likely to be higher than we’d ideally like.

Which is why it’s important that what’s being watched is worthwhile. Fortunately, we’ve pulled together our pick of the best, and most educational streaming content for kids available in Saudi Arabia right now.


This Netflix Original show is a genuinely enjoyable watch for the whole family. No seriously. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn things, and we can virtually guarantee you’ll be tapping your toes to the whacky Flight of the Conchords-style tracks that fill the show. Extra comedic relief comes from A-List calibre cameos from the likes of Snoop Dogg, Ed Norton, John Legend, Zoe Saldana, Ali Wong, Jay Leno, Whoopi Goldberg and Kevin Smith. The premise is simple – The Storybots (Beep, Bing, Bang, Boop and Bo) are little animated adventurers that, at the beginning of each episode, are tasked with ‘playing Google’ and answering questions posed to them by children. The queries spark a quest for knowledge on issues such as why is the sky blue? How do eyes see? What is electricity? And, why Can’t I Eat Dessert All the Time? The Storybots consult experts, have a bit of a sing-song — and, eventually, everyone at home learns something.


Brain Candy Tv

Designed for preschool and elementary kids this show balances a strong educational pedigree with engaging computer-generated visuals. Little ones can join Lizzy (the canine co-host) on a voyage through the world of colours, shapes, letters, numbers, astronomy and more. Brain Candy TV is the perfect example of what we like to call sneak learning. The hand the magician doesn’t want you to look at. The stand-alone scenes are so packed with heart, cutesie animals, popular kid fixations (monster trucks, helicopters, puppies, construction vehicles and ponies), your little ones will have no idea they’re actually getting schooled.


Captain Majid Al Shabah

This retro anime follows the drama of fictional soccer legend Captain Majid. It’s the Arabic-dubbed version of a Japanese cartoon that first aired back in 1981 (then Captain Tsubasa). The action has held up well and it’s an absolute must if you’ve got young Arabic speakers in the house with a soft spot for soccer. Follow Majid through every kick of his campaign to bring home silverware, will he succeed or does it all get a bit Messi?


Puffin Rock

From the soothing pastel shades of the animation to the soft melodic theme song, this show is a nurturing virtual hug. Add to that a cast of calming Irish accents (including narration from The IT Crowd’s Chris O’Dowd) and you have a recipe for campfire marshmallows of the soul. The show follows the adventures of young puffling, Oona, and her baby brother, Baba. It’s not just a two-man show, there’s a whole cast of super cute support from their animal chums. Chief among them is our spirit animal, Mossy the pygmy shrew, forever in search of his next meal ticket.


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

If it was good enough for us, Mickey Mouse and his bizarrely-attired crew are surely good enough for our brood. Mickey has had a bit of a 21st-century makeover since we saw him last. He’s computrer-animated now, so if you need a moment to process that, we suggest you take one, because as soon as you’re over that — there are some great benefits to introducing your mini-mes to Minnie, Mickey, Donald et al. The eponymous rodent walks kids through solving fun tasks, puzzles and challenges. And beacuse all four seasons are currently streaming on Starzplay, there’s a wealth of Disney detective work to enjoy.


Paw Patrol

We realise we probably don’t have to convince most of you about the benefits (or otherwise) of the ubiquitous ruff-ruff rescue squad. You’re either already watching it, actively avoiding it, or your kids have passed that chapter in their lives and you’re finally free from waking up at 2am wondering why you’re humming the theme tune. But if you’re a new parent deliberating over what to let your little ones watch, allow us to make a case for Paw Patrol. There is a strong morality to it. In each episode, one of the citizens of Adventure Bay (a land although populated by humans, is seemingly devoid of bipedal first responders) call into report some form of incident. Ryder, the teenage taskmaster in charge of Paw Patrol, then deploys various combinations of the gang (Chase, Rubble, Sky, Marshall, Zuma, Everest and Tracker) to fix it, according to their individual skillset. Sometimes the peril is the result of natural accidents, often it’s a direct result of the medalling Mayor Humdinger, but there’s always a take-away for kids to learn from. And it IS educational — there are plenty of learning moments along the way. We get Tracker’s Dora-esque impromptu Spanish lessons, insight into the genesis of the pup’s problem-solving schemes, and an ongoing lecture on social responsibility.


Images: YouTube