Jubail is now home to its very own 416-seat cinema hall

Plans are in place to open 40 cinemas over the next five years…

It’s the news that movie fans in Jubail have been waiting for – the city has finally got its first cinema hall with five screens and a capacity to hold 416 seats. It opened to the public on August 24.

Located at the Al-Jubail Mall, cinema buffs will be treated to five state-of-the-art screens displaying the latest blockbusters.

In an interview with a UAE based newspaper, Gulf News, Municipality head of Al Jubail Naif Bin Faisal stated, ‘Opening the cinema in Al Jubail is an important step to enhance life quality supported by Vision 2030 with the aim of improving the individual’s life pattern at different levels, including entertainment,’

And it isn’t the only one to open up…

In another first, a cinema hall opened in Ahsa Mall of Al Hofuf city with eight screens that can accommodate up to 910 people opened on Wednesday August 26.

A third ACC cineplex opened in Jeddah’s Haifa Mall on Thursday August 28 with nine screens. It’s the second theatre operated by ACC in Jeddah.

Safety measures in place

Saudi re-opened all of its cinemas in June after temporarily hitting the pause button back in March due to the pandemic. Now, that it has reopened, however, cinemas have implemented strict coronavirus protocols.

This means, that all the entertainment facilities will operate at 50 per cent capacity.

Future plans

As part of the Vision 2030 of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia lifted a ban on cinemas that lasted more than three decades.

It was only back in April 2018, that the Kingdom got its first-ever cinema hall in Riyadh.

Now, the Kingdom has plans in place to open up 40 more cinemas across fifteen Saudi cities in the next few years. The strategy is part of plans to develop the entertainment sector in the state.

Images: Arabiancentre.com