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Luxury cruises are set to take to the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia

Time to set sail…

At a time when travel is no longer what it was, it’s an amazing opportunity to explore a little closer to home. For the first time ever, luxury cruises are to set sail on the Red Sea as part of Saudi Arabia’s ‘Break Free’ summer campaign.

The campaign, launched by the Saudi Tourism Authority (STA), has been designed to encourage those living in Saudi Arabia to holiday within the country. It highlights the cultural hotspots and stunning scenery that you may not have uncovered yet.

The cruises offer a number of exciting dining, leisure and entertainment options to its passengers, with several different itineraries to choose from. The first Red Cruise ship is said to launch later this month, on August 27, so there’s not long to wait.

Whether you’re holidaying as a family or a couple, there will be plenty of things to do onboard. Large theatres will welcome an audience with entertainment productions on regularly. Various swimming pools, gyms and a video games area also await.

As the luxury cruise liner skims along the coast of the Red Sea, it will stop from time to time, giving passengers the opportunity to explore the surrounding stretches of pristine beach, as well as swimming, snorkelling and even kayaking in the crystal blue waters.

Uncover awe-inspiring things you didn’t even know existed in the Red Sea, from ancient shipwrecks to amazing dive sites with wow-worthy coral habitats deep below the water’s surface. There’s even jet-skiing, wakeboarding and paddle boarding too.

Whilst island-hopping, visitors will get access to exclusive areas and beaches that are usually closed to the public, before heading back to the luxury cruise liner for dinner under the stars with incredible picture-worthy views.

There’s so much to discover…


Images: Visit Saudi