This new smart city in Saudi Arabia will revolutionise urban living

There will be no cars as everything is located within a five minute walk…

The Line Saudi Arabia is a brand new city set to be developed in NEOM this year. It will be completely renewable, with zero emissions, zero cars and enhanced with artificial intelligence.

This smart city aims to redefine and revolutionise how we live in urban environments, by removing the need for streets and cars. Underground, a service layer will be home to new technology, powered by artificial intelligence to keep the city running smoothly.

Below that in the ‘spine layer’ a public transport system will connect you with neighbouring communities in no more than 20 minutes. High-speed autonomous mobility solutions will replace the need for cars in The Line Saudi Arabia.


The 170 kilometre project flows in a straight line, integrated with nature so as not to build over it. The location is accessible via a four-hour flight from 40 per cent of the world.

NEOM will be a home to more than one million multi-national residents. It will include towns and cities (such as The Line Saudi Arabia), ports and enterprise zones, research centers, sports and entertainment venues, and tourist destinations.

Every aspect of The Line has been designed with sustainability and efficiency in mind. The project offers a glimpse of what cities will look like in the future, as we continue to outgrow our current living environments.

Residents from around the world will occupy one of four communities within The Line, living and working there with access to everything they need on their doorstep.

The Line will create 380,000 jobs for the future and contribute Sar180 billion to the GDP by 2030. Construction for The Line will begin in Q1 of 2021, however it’s not yet clear when it will be complete.