Saudi Arabia reopens its air, land and sea borders to Qatar

The announcement comes ahead of the GCC summit in Saudi Arabia…

The air, land and sea borders between Saudi Arabia and Qatar have reopened, following a deal brokered by Kuwait’s Emir Sheikh Nawaf. This will allow the Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim to attend the GCC Summit, which begins today in the Saudi cultural site of Al Ula.

According to reports in The National, Kuwait’s Foreign Minister Ahmad Al Sabah said “the desire for unity and reunification was emphasised during a phone call between Kuwait’s Emir Sheikh Nawaf, Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.”

The leaders also agreed to sign a statement at Al Ula, which would mark “the beginning of a bright page in fratenal relations”.

A video statement on the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministers Twitter account confirmed the reopening of the Saudi-Qatar borders.

According to reports, Kuwait and the US have been working to restore relations between the two countries, but it was ultimately the impending GCC summit that brought the breakthrough.

Nayef Al Hajraf, Secretary General of the GCC, said “Today’s announcement once again proves that the GCC embodies a deep-rooted partnership that consistently overcomes challenges while advancing the interests of the GCC people thanks to the leadership and wisdom of its leaders.”

The GCC summit will take place in the spectacular Maraya Concert Hall in Al Ula, a mirrored structure in the heart of the UNESCO-Listed World Heritage Site.