3 new artisanal donut shops to try in Riyadh

You donut want to miss these new finds…

Who doesn’t love donuts? Glazed, powdered, jelly-filled donuts are timeless, but the industry’s come a long way from offering just the classics. Today, Riyadh’s artisanal donut shops are attracting massive crowds, with innovative flavour profiles and hybrid creations.

We take a look at three new artisanal donut shops in Riyadh that are fuelling the gourmet donut craze. These donuts not only taste delicious and boast unique flavour combinations, but they look like art on a plate, too.

Doughnut Plant


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The day has finally arrived. New York City’s famous Doughnut Plant has landed in Riyadh. At Doughnut Plant, the donuts are made fresh daily with the highest quality, all-natural ingredients. There are no preservatives, no artificial flavourings and no eggs. You will find their signature vanilla bean and Brooklyn Blackout donuts here, as well as the unique peanut butter and blackberry jam square donut. Every bite of the latter is balanced, and it has a perfect ratio of soft, chewy donut to superb blackberry jam. While their jelly-filled is a classic, Doughnut Plant also serves up a must-try mini crème brulee donut – perfectly crisp on the outside and gooey on the inside. Come early, though; they are known for running out of their popular offerings early.

Doughnut Plant, Al Urubah Rd, PM69+72, daily 3pm to 9pm. Tel: 059 244 2394. @doughnutplant.sa

Glaze Craze


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Glaze Craze’s Instagram-perfect aesthetics is just one reason to visit this hip donut shop. Their homemade treats are another, of course. This is the place to go for both sweet and savoury donut creations, and they get pretty creative, too. If you’re in the mood for experimenting, try the eggs Benedict-stuffed donut, comprising a malasada-style donut stuffed with bacon and a poached egg and finished with Hollandaise sauce. Brilliant for an entire-breakfast-in-one concept. While Glaze Craze has other donut flavours oozing with fillings of whole, ripe fruits, their keto selection is also underway. Glaze Craze officially opens on 7 March, so be sure to mark your calendars.

Glaze Craze, Shorofat Park, 7089 Abi Bakr As Siddiq Rd, Alnada District, RM3F+9G. @glazecrazedonuts

Captain Hanson


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This donut shop may not be as new, having made its debut last year, but their rich, buttery, yet still fluffy brioche donuts are heavenly. High-quality, local ingredients form the brioche dough similar to a traditional yeast donut, but with a little more oomph, in both flavour and texture. They specialise in glazes here, with a menu of over 15 flavours. Although the salted caramel is a winner, we suggest the hibiscus donut, glazed with a hibiscus flower reduction. Other top picks include the lemon donut topped with poppy seeds and the flamed meringue-covered donut. How about just one of each, perhaps?

Captain Hanson, Merkato Plaza, Prince Muqrin Ibn Abdulaziz St, Al Nuzha, QP58+P6, Sat to Thurs noon to midnight, Fri 1pm to 1am, Tel: 057 184 7000. @capt.hanson

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