A splash of colour has been added to Jeddah's Corniche

This great initiative is set to beautify the city…

The Jeddah Corniche is one of the locations in the city where you can head to if you want to read, meet up with friends or simply reflect. And in a bid to add a splash of culture to the popular spot, creatives of Jeddah have come together for the Colorful Corniche initiative.

The initiative will see several roadways, walkways and squares getting a colourful makeover to improve its appearance. The move is in line with Vision 2030.


Prince Saud bin Abdullah bin Jalawi, adviser to the governor of the Makkah region, took part in the launch, while also overseeing mock-up paint trials carried out.

According to news agency, Zawya, the corniche makeover has been praised by passers-by with one stating, ‘This is such a great initiative because it will turn this beach area where people hang out, have a picnic or work out into something vibrant and full of life, while encouraging creativity and showing the country’s support for art’

Another university student commented that the urban makeover will encourage her to take more walks at the corniche. She added that the initiative ‘represents the country’s interest in art and its desire to revitalize it and encourage those pursuing it.’

And the colorful initiative isn’t over. It will extend over the central island of the southern corniche for 4,500 meters and is due to be carried out in eight phases.

The aim is to highlight urban design and integrate art and architecture in the landscape, raising cultural awareness by improving access to contemporary work in daily life.

Here are some of your photographs of the colourful street art. 




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