Let’s take a look inside huna, a new creative space in Riyadh

Made for the creative community by the creative community…

huna is a community-led space for Riyadh’s start-ups, freelancers and creative entrepreneurs. Housed just outside of Panorama Mall, huna has been designed especially with creatives in mind and aims to help make creativity more accessible to the community.

If you need to do some freelance or remote work, huna is one space in Riyadh that’s vying for your attention. We’re not just talking desks and Wi-Fi, though. At huna, it’s all about collaborative culture, with the top workspaces attracting small-based businesses and entrepreneurs and providing a range of professional facilities for meetings, networking and more.


A space where you eat, meet, work and socialise

The facility provides over 1,800 square metres of space, including Brew Bar – an on-site coffee shop – as well as shared work areas and private offices, personal pod spaces, event spaces, meeting rooms, and a pantry.

Soothing pink hues and wood tones dominate the interior colour scheme, giving off a comforting vibe. The walls are beautifully adorned with artworks from Athr, a contemporary art gallery in Jeddah. Enough foliage keeps the space lively but to the point, with little nooks and alcoves for you to get work done in peace.


There’s also a members-only lounge area, where a wide range of activities for members –including live music, podcasts, film screenings, exhibitions, and entrepreneurship talk shows – will be held.

Walk through to the entrance of huna, and you’ll find yourself in the main lobby. According to co-founder and operations manager of huna, Ahmed Bakheet, the main lobby is the section that he’s most excited about. “There will be five open pop-up food and beverage outlets by some of the homegrown culinary talents.”


He also shares the concept behind Shop No. 6, a private room within the members’ area, equipped with a base kitchen. This is where guest chefs take diners on an innovative dining journey.

Bakheet added, “After all, huna combines food, art, and culture in one place – a place for the creative industry to start initiatives and where your creative passion matters.”

Experiment, create and connect with like-minded folks

Bakheet explains that there is a filtration process when it comes to selecting members. huna aims to provide creative entrepreneurs with a place to build and foster their workplace endeavours and hopes to shape a community around their members.

As such, to create a community and make it thrive, members need to connect with each other and relate to each other within the same field.


Three types of membership are available: Nomad (SAR920 per month, which entitles you to use the space for any 10 days in a month), Resident (SAR1,600 per month), and Studio (starts from SAR6,000 with a minimum lease time of three months). A day pass is also available at SAR172.50.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a member to visit Brew Bar and the main lobby. Non-members can also book any of the three private meeting rooms, starting from SAR120 per hour.

After spending a brief time at huna this afternoon, it is understandable why its concept will serve an important purpose for Saudi Arabia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. huna is a community for dreamers and doers; they deeply believe being in the right circle of people is the key for any business to succeed.

huna Takhassusi, Takhassusi Branch Rd, Al Mathar Ash Shamali, Riyadh 12332, MMRC+VC, Sat to Thurs 10am to 10pm. Tel: 920 012 435. @iam.huna

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