Why Plenty is your new go-to spot in Riyadh

A brand-new dining destination and concept store…

Tucked into a pastel green banquette, wrapped in the homelike elegance of one of this city’s lovely rooms, we’re staring at the different dining concepts, stunned by how appealing it all looks.

How and what is a diner supposed to choose among all the offerings in this establishment?

Perhaps when a place is actually 12 places, plenty is simply the prevailing concept. Hence, its name – Plenty.


Located on the second floor of the Hospitality Palace at An Nakheel, this new community hub does not only have restaurants here. Plenty has aplenty a Riyadh dweller could possibly want – a barber, beauty salons, the finest coffees, an ice cream shop, and a concept store.

An opportunity to shop, dine and relax

As you walk into Plenty, you’ll be greeted by its concierge services. The space is open and clean, allowing customers to view and navigate the store’s full assortment easily.

Within that same ample space, you’ll find Roam, a concept store showcasing a curation of local brands, including products ranging from fragrances to fashion pieces and accessories.

Behind, peeking out from between the hanging clothing rails, is Linen, the ice cream shop. Next to it is the speciality coffee shop, Sada. Bursting with lush green plants in the middle of the sleek space, it features a glass roof and an outdoor terrace. Sada also serves pastries like eclairs, lemon cake and peanut butter tart.


After having your fill of shopping and coffee, ladies can head on over to Skirts to give your hands and feet a much-needed boost with its classic mani-pedi. Or if you’d like a quick blowout, Noise hair salon is just next door.

The men don’t have to feel left out as there’s a dedicated salon for you, too. Manners offers a suite of grooming services such as haircut and styling, beard trimming, manicure, pedicure, and facial services.

There’s the food to look forward to

Walk over to the other end of the room and past the walls adorned with exclusive, striking paintings by Saudi artist Tagreed AlBagshi, and you’ll find yourself in the dining area. Think of this space as an elevated food hall.

There is a fresh juice bar, Solid, adjoining Portion, which serves healthy and wholesome meals, and Greek cuisine, Mikroulii. Feel like having a wood-fired pizza? Perimeter’s delicious pizza dough is prepared fresh daily.


Sushi lovers, look no further than Goka Sakana. Expect sushi joint staples, as well as a host of fancier menu items. We recommend sitting at the sushi bar, as you can watch the fine craft – that is sushi-making – first-hand.

Lastly is the soon-to-be-opened Hyphen, which will offer international cuisine. Currently, the space plays host to Plenty’s Ramadan Iftar. Its set menu boasts one of the tastiest and most authentic Iftar experiences in the city.

Specially curated for this year’s Ramadan, the food starts with a choice of lentil or chicken and oats soup. There’s the mezze platter that includes hummus, pumpkin moutabal, baba ghanoush, stuffed vine grape leaves, three types of salad, samosas, potato croquettes and kibbeh.

The mains consist of Greek macaroni and flavourful biryani loaded with juicy chicken and spices, served with raita. The assortment of desserts includes Umm Ali and tiramisu. Complimentary dates, Arabic coffee, and Ramadan-inspired beverages like Vimto and Tang orange-flavoured juice are also served on the table.

Curated layouts encourage experimentation

Plenty takes the same approach many direct-to-consumer retailers use for their digital presence: creating a unique narrative around the products being sold.

Each brand is given the space to stand out and tell its own story, but there won’t be walls between sections, letting the individual merchants meld into a single, continuous experience. The design of the layout makes each visit a narrative journey for customers. It is a celebration of contemporary creativity and craftsmanship through food, drink, retail and design.

Come in for a coffee, have a croissant, then go next door and get your hair done. Afterwards, you can go shopping and have dinner. You don’t need to go anywhere else. We like to think of Plenty as a community destination. Because who doesn’t enjoy a multi-faceted experience that offers plenty of things?

At Plenty, you’ll simply be lured by a place that, in 12 places, is its own bustling neighbourhood, within four beautiful pastel walls.

Plenty, Northern Ring Branch Road, An Nakheel, Riyadh 12385. Ramadan Iftar set menu, daily 6pm to 8pm, SAR170 for adults, SAR85 for children. Reservations to be made via MyTable application. Tel: 9200 20163. @plenty_sa

Ramadan hours: Roam, daily 6pm to 2.30am. Noise, daily 8pm to 2am. Skirts, daily 8pm to 2am. Manners, daily 8pm to 3am. Linen, daily 8pm to 3am. Sada, daily 8pm to 3am. Portion, daily 8pm to 2.30am. Mikroulii, daily 8pm to 2.30am. Perimeter, daily 9pm to 2.30am. Goka Sakana, daily 9pm to 2.30am.

Visit: plentyofthings.com

Images: Instagram