We can’t wait to check out this stunning Ramadan tent in Jeddah

Look out for the 2nd edition of Al Mirkaz…

The General Entertainment Authority (GEA) is launching the second season of the Al Mirkaz Ramadan tent in Jeddah.


This year, the tent has been revamped with spectacular designs and luxurious style to combine the modern day with the traditional Ramadan atmosphere. Visitors can also expect more things to see and taste.

The Al Mirkaz Ramadan tent offers guests a wide range of exquisite Saudi, Oriental, European, Chinese, and Indian cuisines. These dishes will be prepared under the direction of a group of globally renowned chefs from various countries, alongside Saudi culinary experts.

That is not all they have, though. Be sure to save room for some of the finest coffees and desserts from two prominent coffee shop brands: Leylaty and Brew92.

The venue will abide by the Covid-19 preventive measures and the social distancing guidelines in restaurants and cafés, in addition to adhering to the highest food safety standards.


Since its launch, Al Mirkaz has become a remarkable Ramadan destination for hundreds of visitors who revel in its joyful ambience.

This project is expected to generate numerous jobs. It will also officially kickstart the agreement previously signed by GEA with Saudi Food Bank ‘Eta’am’ to pack and deliver leftover food to the needy.

Ramadan tents have always been popular during the holy month. The idea is believed to have been inspired by Egyptians’ charitable tents, where each neighbourhood would provide a huge tent, serving free iftar and suhoor meals to those in need.

Al Mirkaz Ramadan Tent, Leylaty Group, Al Khalidiyyah, Jeddah 23422, H48H+42, daily 6pm to 9pm, 11pm to 4am. SAR540 per person (for iftar and suhoor). Tel: 012 606 6666.

Images: Supplied