Riyadh’s famous butcher shop opens new branches in Jeddah and Khobar

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Good quality meat: is it worth the extra few Saudi Riyals? The longer queues? Too right it is. Not much beats a good local speciality butcher. Because, unlike their supermarket equivalents, ethicality, traceability and quality are among the things that actually matter. Ask for the more obscure, like a premium Italian beef bresaola or even chicken bones for stock, and you won’t get a blank look either.

Case in point: Chopped butcher shop. A household name among its regular patrons (us, included) – and the first concept of its type in Saudi – Chopped imports premium meat from countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and Russia. Its dedicated team filter all farms, sauces and cheeses, to ensure clients only enjoy the highest – and safest – quality in the world.


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And now, Chopped is spreading its (chicken) wings, expanding its presence in Jeddah with its second branch in the city, and opening a brand new branch for the first time in Khobar. Similar to its original stores in Riyadh, customers can expect a variety of meats available from grain fed beef, grass fed beef, milk fed veal, angus, black angus, wagyu, imported lamb, as well as located high quality lamb, premium chicken, handmade premium sausages, and Chopped’s best-seller burgers, all of which can be  marinated, portion-cut for easy consumption, or vacuum-packed for longer storage.

Have questions about choosing the right meat?  The experts at Chopped – including Saudi’s first female butcher – will be more than happy to help. And besides fresh meat, this one-stop-shop also stocks frozen seafood along with a great selection of artisan cheeses, preserves, fresh bread and plenty of pantry essentials.

For more information, or to find your nearest store, visit @choppedksa