Teens between ages 12 and 18 can get the Pfizer vaccine in ksa

The Saudi Ministry of Health (MoH) lowered the age to receive Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine to 12…

According to the health ministry, Saudi Arabia will start vaccinating young people aged 12 to 18 against Covid-19 with the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine after it was approved by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority.

This step comes as a continuation of its efforts to expand the vaccination process in the Kingdom. More than 70 per cent of the adult population in the Kingdom has been vaccinated, according to progress in community coverage, priority categories, and availability of vaccine supplies.

As of yesterday (Sunday, June 27), there were 15 new Covid-19 related deaths, raising the total number of fatalities to 7,775.

The MoH reported 1,218 new confirmed cases in the Kingdom, which means 483,221 people have contracted the disease. Of the total number of cases, 11,190 remain active and 1,440 in critical condition.

The health ministry also announced that 1,252 patients had recovered from Covid-19, bringing the total number of recoveries in the Kingdom to 464,256.

Meanwhile, as reported in Saudi Gazette, Dr Muhammad Al-Abdulaaly, official spokesman of the MoH, stated that no deaths were recorded among vaccinated individuals in the country. He reiterated that coronavirus vaccines are safe, effective, and necessary for protection.

“The World Health Organisation confirmed that the Kingdom is among the advanced rankings globally in its measures to confront the pandemic,” Dr Al-Abdulaaly said.

The ministry urges all citizens and residents to register to receive the vaccine, adhere to the measures and abide by instructions.

You can book your appointment for the Covid-19 vaccination through the Sehhaty app.

Image: Unsplash