Here’s why Moon Valley is the perfect hiking spot near Jeddah

Hiking, stargazing, and scenic views…

Jeddah is all about the hustle and bustle. But if you fancy a break from that for a while, there are also a lot of scenic landscapes a quick drive away, offering a peaceful escape.

One of our favourites is the Moon Valley, which is just around a one-hour drive from Jeddah.

Whether you are looking to go for a hike, a mountain climb, or an overnight camping trip that involves some incredible stargazing opportunities, the valley is the place to find all of this and more.

The landscape is approximately 120 kilometres from the city, and although several tour operators can arrange a hassle-free trip for you, you can also make your own way there.

You will need a car with four-wheel drive as the terrain gets sandy and rocky at times, and it is highly advised that, just like any other hiking or camping experience, the trip is made in groups for safety reasons.

How to get there

Take route 285 out of the city (towards the University of Jeddah) on what is known as the Asfan Road, and you will head to a small village that the road is named after.

The village is known for its 18th-century historical fort and is definitely worth a mid-journey break to the Moon Valley. Although a lot of historical details about the fort remain a mystery, it was most likely built during the Ottoman era and is found on a popular route between Mecca and Madina.

When you are ready to continue, your destination will be just 25 minutes away and is going to offer you a landscape that lives up to its name – think rock formations and desert views that resemble pictures of the moon’s surface.

There’s a lot to see nearby, including hills that can be climbed for an even more charming view. What’s On recommends setting up a tent, building a campfire, and just getting away from it all by watching the sunset and then the night sky full of stars.

Note: Don’t forget to be fully equipped for the journey as it is in the middle of the desert – pack season-appropriate clothes, a first aid kit, and good hiking/climbing shoes.

Images: Social Media