It’s time for a change of scenery…

It’s fair to say that working from home has managed to crossover from being a temporary trend to the new default for many office workers. But what if actually working from home doesn’t suit? Sometimes it’s necessary for a change of scenery. Of course, the ideal abode is chock full of caffeine, delicious snacks, and yes, Wi-Fi – otherwise known as your favourite coffee shop. Here are a few of the best cafes in Jeddah to work from…

Boho Cafe

Boho Cafe calls itself a ‘liquid art house’ and anyone who steps inside this larger-than-life coffeeshop will understand why. The cafe has beautiful interiors with incredible art (some of which is for sale) used as decor, while the food and drink is also made to look like works of art. But don’t let any of that intimidate you. Boho Cafe is laptop-friendly and welcomes entrepreneurs, creatives, and everyone else who wants to use its space for work. The cafe also frequently hosts workshops, talks, and all sorts of events that are a great place to network and pick up new skills. And despite just how luxurious the coffee shop is, prices aren’t all that higher than the other speciality coffee shops in Jeddah.

Boho Cafe, Al Mohammadiyyah Jeddah, daily 7am to 12am. +966 50 003 8786. @bohocafeofficial

Brew 92

Brew 92 has quickly become the go-to hip coffeeshop amongst young people in Jeddah (with branches also in Riyadh and Mecca), but despite its popularity, it is a great place to get long hours of work done. They have two branches in Jeddah and both are spacious with a welcoming staff. Brew 92 is also easily the best roastery in Jeddah and the place to be for unbeatable coffee.

Brew 92, Al Khalidiyyah, Jeddah, daily 6am to 12am. +966 12 606 1142, @brew92cafe 

Ash Cafe

Ash Cafe is cosy so you want to get in early in the morning to find the best spot for a productive few hours, but their fast and free WiFi, delicious coffee and snacks, and the overall vibe makes it worth it. The cafe also has a few booths that can booked for privacy or small meetings.

Ash Cafe, Ash Sultan & Al Quraish Jeddah, Sat to Wed 7 am to midnight, Thur and Fri 7am to 2am. @ashcafes

One in a Million Cafe

Located in Emaar Square, One in a Million is designed for long stays, whether it be for work or leisure. There are both spacious communal tables as well as smaller ones ,as well as a lot of USB portables, cables, board games, free stationery to use, and books to read. It is spacious, airy, and serves great coffee and snacks.

One in a Million Cafe, Al Fayha’a Jeddah, Sat to Thur 8am to 12am Fri 4pm to 12am. +966 12 655 3360

Layla’s Gourmet

Layla’s Gourmet has something for everyone. It’s both a coffee shop and restaurant making it a good choice to meet some friends for dinner or to spend a few hours in the day working or having a meeting. It is colourful, it is cosy, and comfortable. For a long time, the coffee shop served free lemonades to visitors, which made it stand out as a homely hidden gem. The free lemonades are sadly a thing of the past but stop by Layla’s Gourmet if you want to try some delicious freshly baked snacks and get a few hours of work done in a calm and peaceful setting.

Layla’s Gourmet, Al Andalus Jeddah, Wed to Tue 11am to 12am Tues 5pm to 12am.  +966 55 053 3450 @laylasgourmet

One fifteenth

One fifteenth calls itself a neighbourhood cafe and it certainly lives up to that. It is cosy, the staff is friendly, and the space is a great option for anyone looking for a casual, relaxed area to work from. There are a lot of outdoors seating options so it is highly recommended during the cooler months.

One fifteenth, multiple branches. @15nc

Images: Instagram