Riyadh residents will soon be able to get your hands on High Joint’s famous Waffle Waffle burger…

Everyone loves a good burger every now and then. The combination of a fluffy bun loaded with meat is so deeply entrenched in Riyadh’s dining culture that there’s always a new creation to taste in and around the city.

High Joint

Meet High Joint, Dubai’s very own homegrown burger brand, which is set to launch with multiple locations in Riyadh by mid-November this year.

Pop-ups by High Joint at major events in the city are also in the pipeline.

Here’s why you should get excited…

Aside from it being our UAE What’s On reporters’ favourite burger joint, the hook here is its unique burger creations.

Representing the brand’s first move overseas, High Joint will create an all-new menu that takes into consideration the different audience and flavour preferences of Saudis.

But, if you’re expecting Dubai’s best sellers on Riyadh’s menu, fret not, as you’ll soon be able to sink your teeth into freshly prepared burgers such as The H and the High Chicken.

Another highlight is the Waffle Waffle burger. As its name suggests, the buns are replaced with homemade potato waffles, and nestled in between is a fried chicken tossed in buffalo sauce and ranch and topped off with maple syrup.

Like your burgers loaded? Try the towering High Jamz, a smashed Angus beef patty topped with a combination of crunchy tempura onions and jammy caramelised ones, melty pepper jack cheese, and beef bacon.

That’s not all, though. When it comes to burgers, High Joint manages to capture the hearts, minds and stomachs of diners through its commitment to serving high quality, great-tasting ingredients.

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Every bit of beef here is hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and made of premium quality prime cuts that are all ground in-house.

From a passion project by three Emiratis that started as a hole-in-the-wall in Al Manara nearly three years ago, High Joint has grown to operate two – soon-to-be three – locations across Dubai. It also implemented a city-wide delivery operation, collaborated with leading chefs such as Reif Othman and brands including Puma, and won multiple accolades and awards – namely being recognised as one of the best burgers in town.

We can’t wait to sample the inventive creations at this burger joint when it launches in Riyadh. So, be sure to watch this space for more details.

Visit: @high.joint

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