Jeddah’s newest cafe is inspired by Japanese pop culture

Anime-lovers, this one is for you..

Coffeehouses hold a treasured place in communities and fostering connection in addition to keeping customers caffeinated and full of fresh-baked pastries and breakfast items. But sometimes, you want want to visit somewhere a bit more unique.

Enter Geek Cafe, a larger-than-life anime-themed cafe that’s just opened its doors to manga-lovers in Jeddah.

Geek Cafe, is in fact one of the newest in a growing list of Japan-inspired eateries – and the ideal place to be if you are a fan of anime and manga.

Inside, is a huge three-metre-high mural featuring characters from Pokemon, One Punch Man, and Digimon. There is also a life size action figure of Zoro, a character from One Piece, an iconic Japanese manga series. Elsewhere, you’ll find more than 1,000 anime action figures and 300 manga publications on display, as well as a dedicated reading hall, board game section, and even an action figure store for you to purchase some of your favourite characters.

Looks good, but what’s on the menu?

A great thing about the seating options at Geek Cafe is that there are so many different styles to choose from – from bar-style seating to couches and even bean bags.

The food and drink options are limited with nods to Japanese cuisine and culture. There is a signature drink at the cafe called Sakura, named after an iconic manga heroine. You’ll also find a selection of cakes and pastries including Japanese cheesecake and a variety of mochi flavours.

The place to be for comic meet-ups

The cafe is also going to be hosting a selection of workshops and meet-ups for cosplay plus manga and anime drawing classes.

Manga and Japanese culture in general has become especially popular in Jeddah in the past few years and Geek Cafe is the newest of the several places in the city that is trying to offer something to the city’s anime fans.

For more information, follow @geek.dimension.cafe

Images: Instagram