Hayy Jameel’s first-ever season is launching in Jeddah this December

Look forward to exciting art programmes, exhibitions, and more…

Jeddah’s new arts hub, Hayy Jameel, is set to open with a five-month opening season on December 6, 2021.

Hayy Jameel

Some of the exciting exhibitions and art programs include “Illuminate: a Noor Riyadh Capsule,” featuring major light works by 11 Saudi artists, “Staple: What’s on your plate?” co-curated by Art Jameel and Delfina Foundation, and “Paused Mirror,” a newly-commissioned collection of portraits of Saudi artists by Osama Esid.

Workshops, tours and talks will also take place throughout the five-month season, and there will be a lot of new spaces and opportunities that Hayy Jammel is bringing to Jeddah’s creative scene.

Here’s more of what’s in store for us…

Expect a lot of cultural entrepreneurships in the coming days

The much-anticipated Hayy Residents’ spaces will launch in January and February. It will be bringing a set of pioneering, homegrown creative enterprises that range from contemporary art and performance to design and publishing, culinary institutes, new cafes and eateries to the heart of Jeddah’s creative hub.

Hayy Jameel

This will be followed by the launch of Hayy Cinema, Saudi Arabia’s first bespoke and independent audiovisual centre, followed by Hayy Community bringing a series of programmes, workshops, screenings and a special Ramadan calendar in late spring.

The place to be for up-and-coming artists and other creatives

Hayy Jameel

Hayy Jameel is a beautiful 17,000-square-meter cultural complex and is the second institution launched by Art Jameel. Their other institute, Jameel Arts Centre, is located in Dubai and dedicated to fostering the local creative community and industry.

The opening season includes more than 45 artists and researchers from around 20 countries and features existing and newly commissioned works by 19 Saudi artists.

This is in line with Vision 2030 and all about fostering the arts and creative sector across the Kingdom.

Visit: artjameel.org / @hayyjameel

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