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This cruise sets off from Jeddah and explores the best of the Red Sea

The MSC Bellissima cruise is making Jeddah its homeport through winter – here’s how you can set sail…

One of the largest and most iconic cruise ships in the world, the MSC Bellissima has made Jeddah its new homeport for the summer and has been cruising across the Red Sea as part of its exciting travel itinerary.

Following a hugely successful cruise season, the Geneva-based MSC Cruises has now confirmed that the MSC Bellissima cruise is going to extend its stay in Jeddah for the winter 2021-2022 season.

A first of its kind for the Red Sea

MSC Bellissima began sailing three and four-night cruises from Jeddah to Egypt and Jordan this summer, making it the first time a cruise of this calibre came to the Red Sea. The cruise ship can accommodate 2,500 guests across 19 floors and offers a range entertainment – from concerts and stand-up comedy shows to sports and activities, all now available for Saudi residents to enjoy.

The new cruise route

The cruise’s winter 2021/22 weeklong itinerary is slightly different from the summer session but still includes ports of call to Egypt, Jordan, and across Saudi Arabia.

Starting October 30, MSC Bellissima’s cruises set sail from Jeddah sailing to Ras Al Abyad – which is home to some of the pristine white-sand beaches of Saudi Arabia – as well as Al Wajh and Yanbu. Al Wajh is the gateway to Al Ula, the most popular tourism destination in Saudi Arabia currently, and Yanbu is Saudi Arabia’s diving capital because of its dreamy coral reef views.

The cruise will also include stops at Safaga and Aqaba.

How to book

There are currently three itineraries available to choose from but if the summer session is any indicator on how quickly spots are filled, you will want to make a booking as soon as possible.

The winter session will end in March 2022, and MSC Bellissima will reposition to Japan.

Prices start at approximately SAR 450 per night for a four-nights cruise. More details about the different packages are available here.