Welcome aboard the world’s first flying museum by AlUla and Saudia Airlines

‘Museum in the Sky’ will fly from Riyadh to AlUla on November 4 to highlight archaeological attractions…

Planning a visit to AlUla? You no longer need to wait 105 minutes for your flight to land in AlUla to immerse yourself in what will be the world’s largest living museum.

For one day only, Saudia Airlines offers passengers the opportunity to see AlUla as soon as you check-in at the boarding gate and hop onboard the flight.

Highlighting AlUla’s significance as a living museum, with only a fraction of its archaeological sites uncovered, the ‘Museum in the Sky’ flight offers an in-depth look at the unique destination.

Saudia-AlUla Boarding Pass

Mark your calendar

So, here’s how your journey starts. Your flight SV1572 will depart at 1.10pm from King Khalid International Airport, Riyadh to AlUla on November 4.

Onboard the flying museum will be a replica collection of artefacts discovered in AlUla during excavations.

Enjoy the variety of in-flight entertainment options

Saudia Airlines will also use the opportunity to launch its new in-flight entertainment system, Discover Saudi Arabia. You’ll get to sit back and watch a full-length Discovery Channel documentary movie titled “Architects of Ancient Arabia”.

The film journeys into Saudi Arabia’s deeper past, revealing how some of human civilisation’s first building blocks were set in place in AlUla.

Discovery Channel documentary movie

Dr. Rebecca Foote, director of archaeology and cultural heritage research at The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU), who also appears in the film, will be making an introduction to the documentary.

Arts, culture, heritage, and nature lovers will be pleased to know that she will also provide in-person insight into the artefacts on show onboard the plane and passengers will have an opportunity to ask questions.

AlUla archaelogists

Dr. Foote shared, “AlUla is a true hidden gem in the Arabian Peninsula, and we are slowly revealing its secrets. I am looking forward to sharing more about our work with the passengers onboard Saudia’s ‘Museum in the Sky’.”

In-flight shopping in sky-high style

Passengers on the ‘Museum in the Sky’ flight will also be able to book some of the first tickets to the new Hegra After Dark experience. This new evening event encourages visitors to enjoy the silence and splendour of the World Heritage Site after dark.

There will be light refreshments served in a candlelit setting, a theatre performance of Queen Shuqailath, and the night will end with a stargazing experience surrounded by the stunning Nabataean works of art.

Hegra AFter Dark

Phillip Jones, chief destination management and marketing officer at RCU, said, “Museum in the Sky is providing a true connection back to AlUla as a living museum and the significance of the archaeological work we do in AlUla, which we believe is the biggest archaeological program in the world right now.”

“We are honoured to work with Saudia and to welcome these passengers and all those who are planning visits over the next few months to discover more of AlUla’s living history.”

All-year-round and seasonal activities at AlUla

If you miss the ‘Museum in the Sky’ flight on November 4, AlUla has an exciting schedule of events to welcome both domestic and international travellers over the coming months.

Travellers from all over the world can book special rate packages in AlUla that include flights, accommodations, and activities through Saudiaholidays.com

For those aboard the ‘Museum in the Sky’ flight, enjoy your ride.

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