Easy home cooking tips with Master Chef Tarek Ibrahim

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Many a times, the thought of entering the kitchen to whip up some delicious grub for either yourself or the family can fill you with dread. But, who said cooking has to be hard?

What’s On Saudi Arabia has teamed up with True Aussie Beef & Lamb and celebrated TV chef Tarek Ibrahim to bring you some delicious recipes over the next couple of weeks.

Now, we know you’re probably imagining a long grocery bill with expensive ingredients, fancy cooking utensils, tedious preparation and cooking times, but this isn’t the case.

That’s right, these recipes by Master Chef Tarek Ibrahim are easy to prepare and of course, tasty.

Before we share those recipes however, let’s start off with a few easy home cooking tips from Chef Tarek Ibrahim, himself.

Chef Tarek Ibrahim says…

Australian lamb and beef is easy to prepare – really delicious, and quick!

The lamb leg for instance, cooks over low temperatures to extract maximum flavours. So, all you need to do is place it in the oven with the necessary ingredients and spices and you’re done.  How simple is that?

Or maybe you’re in the mood for a delicious beef steak. Add some salt and pepper, throw it on the grill, flip it, rest it and eat it – that’s all!

Cooking for family at home is unbelievably satisfying as it’s easy to prepare and enjoyed by everyone around the table.

Where to buy?

Looking to get your fix of True Aussie Beef & Lamb in the Middle East? Head to lambandbeef.com/where-to-buy for the retailer’s list.

For more delicious recipes by Chef Tarek Ibrahim, head to this YouTube channel or to lambandbeef.com to discover more tips, tricks, recipes, and information.

Remember to head back to whatsonsaudiarabia.com next week to find Chef Tarek Ibrahim’s recipe for best grilled Australian lamb kofta. 

Images: True Aussie Beef & Lamb