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Saudi Arabia reimposes masks and social distancing measures effective Dec 30

Mandatory wearing of face masks and social distancing in all closed and open places and events and activities will come into force from 7am on December 30…

Saudi Arabia has reintroduced mandatory wearing of face masks and maintaining social distancing indoors and outdoors effective from Thursday, December 30 at 7am.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, an official source from the Ministry of Interior said the health authorities made this decision due to a surge in the number of Covid-19 cases and to limit the spread of the new coronavirus variant Omicron.

Citizens and residents must follow the new protocols to avoid legal penalties for failing to adhere to the precautionary measures. The Ministry also urged the public to ensure they are vaccinated against the virus.

In October, authorities said masks were no longer mandatory at open public places but were still required at closed venues as infected case numbers declined.

However, these new regulations come after the Kingdom’s health ministry recorded an increase in infections in recent days. Today (December 29), there are 744 new infections and one death from Covid-19.

The total number of recoveries in the Kingdom increased to 541,388 after 231 more patients recovered from the virus.

Over 50.1 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine have been administered in the Kingdom to date.

The authorities reported in early December that Covid-19 vaccine boosters would be required to keep their fully vaccinated status on the Tawakkalna application, starting in February.

Having a fully vaccinated status on the app allows all citizens and residents to enter public places such as shops, cafes, and other meeting places and travel on planes and other modes of public transport.

The Covid-19 vaccine booster applies to those aged 18 and over and those who received their second vaccine dose at least eight months ago. In addition, individuals in Saudi Arabia can now take the booster shot three months after taking the second dose.

All procedures and safety measures are subject to continuous evaluation based on the local and global situation.

Images: Unsplash