Saudi Arabia announces Ramadan school hours for 2022

Dates for the Eid Al Fitr vacation have also been confirmed…

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Education has announced the revised timings for public and private schools during Ramadan 2022.

As per the ministry directive schools in Saudi Arabia can begin classes between the hours of 9am and 10am, depending on the school. Classes should be no more than 35 minutes.

The ministry has also set the beginning of school hours in the elementary, intermediate, and secondary phases of continuing education schools from 9pm, and the classes would end according to the academic schedule for each level and class.

Educational directors in each region of Saudi Arabia have been given the authority to determine the start time of the school day, in line with their respective governorate.

The directive issued by the ministry earlier this week also confirmed that school holidays for Eid Al Fitr would begin at the end of the working day on Monday April 25 (Ramadan 24). This year, Ramadan falls within the newly introduced third semester of the academic year.