10 of the best museums in Jeddah

Take your pick from family-friendly museums to historical homes… 

Jeddah is famous for its world-class culture. Whether you’re after family-friendly fun or Islamic history, there are so many museums in Jeddah.

The museums are so wide-ranging, going from ancient artefacts to modern memorabilia. Whether you’re interested in the first kaswa (cloth) that covered the Kaaba in Mecca or founding father King Abdulaziz’s old phones, there are some unexpected gems at these museums in Jeddah.

Get ready to go on a cultural adventure, as here are the best museums in Jeddah.

Darwish Salamah Museum

Is it a home? Is it a museum? Well, Darwich Salamah Museum is both and more. The museum is named after a Royal Saudi Air Force pilot whose career ended after his plane crashed into the Arabian Gulf. After the accident, he found a new side hustle: creating model cars, planes and mosques, which are on impressive display for all to see.

Darwich Salamah Museum, 3029 Al Ruboua Al Arabiah, Al Hamra District, Jeddah. Tel: 12 620 5566. @darwishalisalamah

Jeddah Sculpture Museum


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Back in the 1970s, more than 400 sculptures were dotted across the streets of Jeddah.  Art Jameel has been restoring the works of art and you can now see them in the recently created open-air museum. The impressive collection includes work by Henry Moore, Joan Miro, and Alexander Calder.

Jeddah Sculpture Museum, Al Andalus, Jeddah, free, sculpturesofjeddah.com.

Khuzam Palace


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This palace meets museum is an architectural gem, which was originally built to be a royal palace – it was once home to the country’s founder, King Abdulaziz. The museum’s halls cover the Stone Age, rise of Islam, history of Jeddah, folklore and King Abdulaziz. Take a look at the King’s belongings, from his wooden sticks to old phones. It also houses a museum within a museum: the Jeddah Regional Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography.

Khuazam Palace, Al-Nazlah Al-Yamaniyah, Jeddah. Tel: (0)12 636 4271.

Matbouli House Museum


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If you want to see what a traditional home looks like in Al Balad, then make a beeline for this 400-year-old house. The privately owned property has been converted into a museum. Admire the wooden ceilings and wooden-latticed balconies. As you take a trip across three floors, you will see old telephones, gramophones and antiques.

Souq Al Alwai.

Municipality Museum (Bait Al Balad)


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Brush up on your local Jeddah history at this museum in Jeddah, which is an exquisite example of Hejazi architecture. The venue was built by fishermen using coral from the Red Sea, and then went onto be the location of the British legation’s headquarters from 1915 to the mid 1930s. Today it is home to paintings and photographs by Saudi artists.

Municipality Museum, Al Baghdadiyah, Al Gharbiyah, Jeddah, 10am to 1pm & 5pm to 11pm, Sat to Thu. Tel: (0)54 653 7952.

Museum of Home Art


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Founded by Abdul Raouf Hassan Khalil, this museum in Jeddah has been a haven for art enthusiasts for more than 20 years. At the entrance, admire the replicas of the Two Holy Mosques. Admire beautiful items, from furniture to clothing – the highlight is the first kaswa (cloth) that covered the Kaaba in Makkah.

Museum of Home Art, Al-Hamra’a, Jeddah, Sat to Thu 8am to 12pm & 5pm to 9pm. Tel: (0) 56 386 6984.

Museum of Science and Technology in Islam

Let out your inner geek at this museum that celebrates the Muslim contribution to science and technology. Learn about great Muslim scientists, inventors and mathematicians. The family-friendly museum includes interactive displays and working scale models. Plus, there are nine clusters, which cover everything from astronomy and navigation to life and environmental sciences.

Jeddah, Engineering and Science Hall, Building 19, Academic Campus, Thuwal, Jeddah.

Nassif House Museum


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The Ottoman-style building here is pretty special, as it was created in the late 1800s for Omar Nasseef Efendi, who was the governor of Jeddah. It began life as a museum in 2009 and is cultural hotspot hosting exhibitions as well as lectures. The library has an impressive 16,000 books and artwork that dates back to the 19thcentury.

Nassif House Museum, Al Dhahab, Jeddah.

Our Days of Bliss Magad Museum

This cute museum gives you an idea of what life was like in the mid-20th century. Browse oddities from old banknotes to gramophones. The quirkier items range from the first glass Pepsi bottle to canned food.

Suq Al Alawi, Al Balad District, Jeddah. Tel: (0)13 896 7777.

Tayebat Museum


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Spanning four floors, this museum tells the history of Islam, Jeddah and Saudi Arabia. Check out the model recreation of the pilgrimage to Makkah, a map detailing the spread of Islam and learn about Jeddah’s earliest settlers. If you want to avoid the crowds, the evenings are less busy and there are guided tours in different languages.

Tayebat Museum, Rayhanat Al Jazirah, Al Faisaliyah District, Jeddah, 8am to noon & 5pm to 9pm Sat to Thu, SAR80. Tel: (0)56 6984.

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