Riyadh’s latest contemporary Japanese restaurant is Sumosan

The renowned restaurant is located at the new hot spot, Laysen Valley…

It’s official: Laysen Valley is the place to be in Riyadh. Among the exciting restaurants popping up, the new culinary hot spot has welcomed a stunning new contemporary Japanese restaurant, Sumosan.

The renowned dining concept, which was founded in Moscow in 1997 by Alexander Wolkow and his daughter Janina, brings its unique flavours and creations to our growing gastronomic shores.


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Sumosan became a huge success following its 2002 launch in London, with restaurants in Berlin, Courchevel, Doha, Montenegro, and Moscow. The brand is celebrated for high-quality sushi, sashimi, and an innovative Japanese cuisine menu created by Executive Head Chef Bubker Belkhit.

So, expect to sample Chef Belkhit’s fusion of flavours, including the thinly sliced sashimi served with a touch of citrus dressing. The Sumosan Riyadh menu will also feature beloved classics such as lobster salad, tuna and truffle rolls, and salmon rice pizza, to name a few, as well as new creations adapted for local tastes without wavering from the Sumosan ethos.


The space at Sumosan Riyadh has been designed by Bishop Design by Paul Bishop, an international multi-award-winning interior design firm based in Dubai and Miami.

The design is sleek and ultra-modern with warm and earthy accents, complemented by wooden panelling and statement chandeliers that set the grand tone of the restaurant. The dining room boasts a theatre kitchen where you can watch the chefs at work while guests can experience the artistry of the food in lush leather armchairs.


To top it all off, there’s an outdoor terrace for those who enjoy dining al fresco. We think we may have found our new spot when winter comes…

Sumosan Riyadh, Laysen Valley, Umm Al Hamam Al Gharbi, Building 25, Riyadh 12329, Mon to Sat 6.30pm to 12.30am. Sumosan Riyadh is open for dinner only, and reservations will be available to the general public from August 12. Tel: 9200 21225. @sumosan.riyadh

Images: Social / Bishop Design by Paul Bishop