Riyadh Season 2022 confirms the return of the Saudi Anime Expo

Get ready for a celebration of Japanese pop culture at Riyadh Front…

Anime fans can look forward to the Saudi Anime Expo 2022 at Riyadh Front from Thursday October 27 to Saturday October 29.

What started as a niche fandom has become a mainstream form of art and entertainment. Anime has influenced everything from film to fashion, music to video games, and this extravaganza has it all.

And this isn’t just any anime convention. Anime, manga, video games, cosplay, collectable merch drops, and so much more will get the spotlight at the three-day event.

The expo is poised to include the latest anime films to be screened in a specially designed cinema hall and will feature more than 30 experiences of the best and most famous anime shows. In addition, dialogues and discussion panels will also be held with anime producers and voice actors.

This is still very much a fan event, a place where the adjacent cultures of otaku fandom seep every aspect of the fans, cosplays, and programming. There will be various entertainment activities for those interested in role-playing as their favourite anime characters. A live theatre where anime celebrities will perform concerts is set to draw crowds, as are the various cosplay shows and competitions.

Saudi Anime Expo

Shopping will also be a big draw at the expo, where you can get your hands on exclusive imported anime merchandise. Love Japanese cuisine? There’ll be plenty of cafés and restaurants on-site, too.

The last Saudi Anime exhibition took place in 2019 and saw several Japanese celebrities, including Manga legend Yoichi Takahashi, Japanese DJ and hip-hop artist Taku Takahashi and Rock group Linked Horizon.

We’re already less than two weeks out from this year’s Saudi Anime Expo, and if you still haven’t gotten your tickets, here’s your chance to do so.

Saudi Anime Expo 2019

There are three ticket categories: entry, silver and gold – all of which are available for one-day and three-day passes. The entry ticket (SAR50 & SAR125) allows you access to all the event areas, while the silver ticket (SAR350 & SAR900) offers fast-track access to the venue, a dedicated parking spot, and a dedicated seat to watch live stage performances.

Those with a gold ticket (SAR600 & SAR1,500) will have an exclusive meet-and-greet session behind the stage, fast-track access to the venue and to each experience at the expo, a dedicated parking spot, plus a front-row seat at the cinema for the film screenings and to watch live stage performances. So, hurry and book your tickets now.

Saudi Anime Expo 2022, Oct 27, 4pm to midnight, Oct 28 & 29, 3pm to midnight, Riyadh Front. Book your tickets here. The ticket price for a one-day pass starts from SAR50 while a three-day pass starts from SAR125. @riyadhseason

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