Thameen London opens its first standalone fragrance boutique in Riyadh

The store in Nakheel Mall provides a great introduction to what’s on offer…

You’d be forgiven for feeling a little daunted at the prospect of perfume shopping in Saudi Arabia. Plus, the most discerning of perfume lovers will tell you that scent is an emotion that is deeply ingrained in our memories. And with such a strong significance, would you want the fragrance that you pick to be just… common?

Enter British fragrance house Thameen London. The niche London-based brand opens its very first standalone boutique in the new extension wing of Nakheel Mall, bringing a luxurious selection of scents to Riyadh.

Thameen London Nakheel Mall

Known for its polished unisex fragrances and longevity, with a significantly higher concentration of oils than the Eau de parfums on the market, the brand takes inspiration from precious jewels around the world, creating an opulent collection that dares to be different.

The word Thameen translates as precious, referring in part to the high quality and the best and rarest ingredients (think: Rose de Taîf, Haitian Vetiver, Ambergris, Saffron, and Oud Wood) used in the blends.

Those in the know, know Thameen. But for those unfamiliar with the brand, the new store in Riyadh provides a great introduction to what’s on offer.

The boutique itself is dressed in classic blue and gold details and laced with wood, marble floors, and soft touches of decadent décor. It is an intimate space for guests to discover their signature scent.

The modular fittings feature dedicated spaces to showcase each of the brand’s product categories. They range from their iconic Treasure and Sovereign collections of fragrances to a speciality selection of body lotions made with argan oil and shea butter, hair fragrances with keratin and gift sets.

There’s also the Baby collection. A rare find, this collection of three 100ml hypoallergenic and water-based scents – inspired by birthstones of emerald, ruby, and sapphire – is calming and comforting.

Meanwhile, strips of dark stained herringbone-pattern flooring in the middle of the store act as a medallion for a staging area to display the newest fragrance in the Sovereign Collection – the Insignia, which draws inspiration from the British Royal Family’s Garter Star.

Thameen Insignia

All the bottles are regal with Thameen London’s signature sapphire blue glass and black caps, but never over the top.

The staff at Thameen London is highly informed in their craft, the marvellous collections, and the memorable stories behind them, which means you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a fragrance you love.

Ready to discover some truly enchanting scents? We put our noses to the job to bring you three of our favourite Thameen fragrances you should have on your radar.

Peacock Throne from the Treasure Collection


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The scent is floral yet rich and sparkles with notes of Taif rose, jasmine and patchouli to zest up your fragrance wardrobe. And as with each Thameen fragrance, there is a story behind the name. Created for the Mughal Emperors of India in the early 17th century, the Peacock Throne was one of the most opulent treasures in history. The platform of pure gold was encrusted with enamel, gems and a double peacock’s tail set with rubies, emeralds, pearls, and diamonds. At its heart lay the Kohinoor diamond, the largest known diamond in the world.

Royal Sapphire from the Sovereign Collection


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The Sovereign Collection comprises regal fragrances inspired by the mystery and majesty of a royal coronation. Out of its six scents, we recommend the Royal Sapphire, also known as Thameen’s Jewel in the Crown. The bright blue sapphires of the Crown Jewels are treasured by the British Royal Family and form the inspiration for this enchanting fragrance. Once sprayed, the aroma of notes such as mandarin blossom and amber hooks your senses instantly. This is one that you keep wanting to smell on your wrist throughout the day.

Regent Leather from the Treasure Collection


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Regent Leather was created in association with The Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club and inspired by the Regent Diamond – a cushion-cut diamond over 300 years old, which boasts 141 carats and is perfectly white and virtually flawless. This male-leaning scent packs a punch but develops beautifully as if you’ve just woken up on a plush leather sofa from a dream where you have the best adventure and are completely unstoppable. It’s hard to describe, but it’s unique, elegantly seductive, and absolutely addictive.

Thameen London, Nakheel Mall (New Extension), Riyadh 11564. @thameenfragrance

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