Your guide to the newly opened Bujairi Terrace and At-Turaif

The opening season will include a vibrant public program of events, performances, and activities for all visitors…

It’s official. The long-awaited and ambitious dining destination Bujairi Terrace opens to the public on Sunday December 4, alongside the Unesco World Heritage Site At-Turaif, the original home of the Al Saud family and the seat of governance of the First Saudi State.

The opening season will include an array of events, performances, and activities for all visitors to experience, which will celebrate and bring the heritage site and birthplace of the Kingdom to life.

At-Turaif: The jewel of the Kingdom

Located in the heart of Diriyah, northwest of Riyadh, At-Turaif is the birthplace of the modern Saudi state founded in 1727. It is regarded as one of the country’s most important heritage sites and a symbol of Saudi identity. For over fifty years, this area served as the principal residence of House Al Saud and the administrative district of Diriyah, the centre of a state that spanned the Arabian Peninsula.


Visitors will be able to walk through a vast heritage site of restored mudbrick palaces, mosques, former defensive towers, and curated galleries that tell the definitive story of Saudi Arabia’s formation and the rise of the Saudi dynasty.

A beautiful example of the distinct Nadji-style architecture, At-Turaif is one of the world’s most historically significant and architecturally impressive mudbrick settlements.

Open all year round, visitors will be able to explore the Unesco World Heritage Site across a variety of mediums to suit their own interests. From guided tours, offered every 30 minutes in English and Arabic, to Nuzul, an immersive theatre that brings to life the people and stories from At-Turaif and the surrounding areas and watching an Al Ardah performance, a dance of vigour and victory, there is something for everyone.

Bujairi Terrace: The highly anticipated culinary district

During its opening season, visitors will also get the chance to enjoy carefully curated dining experiences at the premium dining destination, Bujairi Terrace.

There will be more than 20 world-class restaurants, including several Michelin-star restaurants, such as Tatel, Hakkasan, Long Chim and Chez Bruno, as well as brands that are making their international debut, like Angelina, Brunch & Cake, Flamingo Room by tashas, Sarabeth’s and Villa Mamas.

Internationally acclaimed Café De L’Esplanade and Chez Bruno are both debuting outside of France for the very first time.

Local Saudi-owned brands, including Maiz, Somewhere, Sum + Things and TAKYA, have also set up shop in the indoor-outdoor dining district, offering their take on traditional flavours.

The diversity offered by local and internationally renowned restaurants, coupled with stunning views of At-Turaif, will help ensure Bujairi Terrace lives up to its promise of becoming the Kingdom’s premier fine dining destination.

Jerry Inzerillo, the group CEO of DGDA, commented, “This opening is an important moment for the Kingdom. It marks the beginning of a new era for “Diriyah. The City of Earth”. At-Turaif is a physical monument to the history of the Saudi nation. It has been preserved over the centuries and now forms the core of our restoration and enhancement of Diriyah itself, which will once again become a place for cultures across the world to gather. We cannot wait to welcome our visitors to this extraordinary place to experience culture, knowledge, commerce, hospitality, and entertainment once again in a truly unique Saudi way.”

General admission to Diriyah

No ticket is required on weekdays before 4pm. However, visitors would need to book for a Diriyah Pass if you’re visiting after 4pm from Sundays to Thursdays, and all day on Fridays and Saturdays.

The Diriyah Pass includes access to At-Turaif, with an option to advance book a guided tour, access to Bujairi Terrace, and can be redeemed up to the value of the ticket on food and drinks at any dining venues. The prices for the Diriyah Pass are SAR100 from Sundays to Wednesdays and SAR200 from Thursdays to Saturdays.

Diriyah, Riyadh, Sun to Wed 10am to midnight, Thurs 10am to 1am, Fri & Sat 7am to 1am. Book your Diriyah Pass here