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Frame your face with the perfect eyebrows at Brau

Leave it to the experts at this new brow and lash bar and semi-permanent makeup studio in Riyadh’s Centria Mall…

The onward march of the brow and lash-enhancing services in Riyadh is further illustrated by news that Brau has opened its first KSA location in one of the capital’s most luxurious shopping centres.

Tucked away on the second floor of Centria Mall on Olaya Street, the brow and lash bar from Dubai is an experience-led concept with a chic, minimalist design-inspired space. The atmosphere is elegant and friendly so that clients can enjoy a pleasant and memorable experience with every visit.

The studio offers a range of semi-permanent makeup and face treatments, as well as the brow and lash services for which the brand is known. Naturally, we opt for an effortless look with the salon’s eyebrow shape and tint treatment.


When you head to Brau for a brow appointment, you’re led to take a seat in one of the comfortable treatment chairs. It’s a tiny bit disconcerting when you first see the treatment area as you aren’t in separate rooms, but rather in one of four chairs positioned relatively close together.

However, as you sit down and are taken to an almost-horizontal position, you realise there’s plenty of privacy, especially with the partition and the addition of a tall potted plant facing you.

Brau understands that every brow is different – with no one-shape-fits-all template when it comes to your arches. The specialists are trained to create the best brow shape that will enhance your features, and the treatment begins with a consultation to understand your preferences and discuss the styles that suit you best based on your current eyebrows and face shape. The actual treatment only begins when you are satisfied with the shape that is customised for you.

Brau eyebrow treatment

Then, our brows are threaded to tame any unruly hairs and achieve a natural-looking arch, followed by a brow tint that helps create a slightly fuller, feathery effect. The difference in the tint is very subtle, but the shaping definitely helps our brows look more polished and well-groomed.

The result is absolutely stunning and our eyebrows have never looked this good. Plus, we’re out of the salon in just 30 minutes – perfect for those who want to incorporate their grooming routine with their daily errands.

So, if you’re getting your brows and lashes prepped for the festive season, why not also feel your freshest with their facial treatment services while you’re at it? Brau also offers semi-permanent makeup treatments like lip blush to enhance the beauty of your natural lip colour, correct asymmetry and add fullness to your lips by lightly brushing your lips with a sheer and soft coloured organic pigment.

Brau, daily 11am to 9pm, Second Floor, Centria Mall, Olaya St, Al Olaya, Riyadh 12241. Tel: 011 215 5530. @brau_ksa