AlUla presents a spectacular set of iftar and suhoor offers

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Make this year’s Ramadan the most memorable one yet with a trip to AlUla. The magical oasis is the perfect place to break free from the hustle and bustle of daily life for a relaxing escape under the stars. With a range of iftar and suhoor packages to enjoy, visitors can conclude a pretty pink dusk by breaking their fast or staying up for the early morning meal at one of these incredible locations:

Harrat, Banyan Tree

Curated with regional flavours through a selection of delicious dishes, break your fast at this picturesque restaurant. Enjoy plates of hot and cold mezze, shawarma, mandi and mixed grills, as well as international options including a sublime selection of Thai cuisine. To complete the experience, a dessert trolley of fine pastries will visit the table. The iftar runs daily from sunset to 9pm and is priced at SAR450 per person.

For a late-night experience, look for suhoor at Harrat Lounge where you’ll find an a la carte menu with a selection of regional light bites, locally inspired mains, and desserts. Shisha is also available at the lounge which is open daily from 11.30pm.

Tama, Habitas

Set against the dramatic backdrop of the Ashar Valley, Habitas AlUla’s delightful restaurant Tama is offering a curated selection of its traditional menu for iftar this Ramadan. Using fresh, local ingredients and spices, guests can enjoy a mix of mezze, appetisers and main courses for their post-sundown meal. There’s also a suhoor experience running until the early hours of the morning, where guests are invited to snack on fresh bread, seasonal fruit and regional specialities.


If you prefer to break your fast with a side of mesmerising entertainment, head to Cloud7 where options include a carefully selected menu of local favourites, paired with artist shows, an outdoor cinema and Hakawati storytelling. The pre-dawn offering is another chance to catch the shows, or pass the time with a board game.

Iftar and stargazing

Combine your iftar with an astronomical experience in AlUla. The iftar and stargazing excursion begins at 4.30pm, when you’ll go with a guide to the remote Gharameel area, which is famed for its stargazing opportunities. Your iftar meal will be a traditional grilled dish, followed by an evening of exploring the stars through a telescope, before heading back to the main town. The experience is priced at SAR330 +VAT for adults or SAR275 +VAT for children.

Iftar and night hike

AlUla Hidden Valley Hike

Explore the Shaaran Nature Reserve after dark with AlUla’s iftar and night hike experience. Adventurers will meet and enjoy a meal of dates, Luban, grilled local meats, rice, Arabic bread, salad, hummus and sweets, before setting off on the 4km hike under the cover of darkness. The Hidden Valley is known for its nature and beauty, and visitors are guaranteed to feel a sense of wonder and peacefulness during this unique experience. The hike is priced at SAR330 +VAT for adults or SAR275 +VAT for children.