The best food and grocery delivery apps in Saudi Arabia

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Craving something delicious from your favourite restaurant? Forgot to pick up the shopping on your way home?

For those times when leaving the comfort of your sofa is an unwelcome hassle, the best food and grocery delivery services in Saudi Arabia are here to save the day. These apps will help you get food and groceries in a flash – whatever you’re after.



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An on-demand restaurant delivery service that delivers breakfast, lunch and dinner from your favourite restaurants. Can’t decide on your meal? Jahez introduces its fast-selecting tool where it helps you pick the best available restaurant near you. You can also add a special request with your orders under the ‘Comments’ section.

Delivery fee: Varies by restaurant. The total price typically includes the cost of your meal, as well as tax and delivery fees. @jahezapp



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Order from restaurants, supermarkets, flower shops and pharmacies. The steps to complete your order are convenient and super-fast, too.

Delivery fee: Varies and minimum order amount required. @hungerstation



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Featured deliveries are typically from the higher-end cafes and restaurants. Lugmety is an excellent option if you feel like indulging yourself with a fine-dining experience at home. The app also gets high marks for usability and browsing friendliness.

Delivery fee: Based on the distance between the restaurant and delivery location. @lugmety


Mrsool is a little different from the other food delivery services on our list. First off, you can get a lot more than food. It is a delivery service that will pick up just about anything from just about anywhere and deliver it to your doorstep. All you have to do is upload your shopping list on the app, and Mrsool couriers will get them for you. It’s like having your personal shopper.

Delivery fee: Depending on the couriers and location; you will get the exact fee in advance during checkout. @appmrsool


A simple way to order food from an assortment of places and menus in your neighbourhood. You can even get access to discount and deals on some of your delivery favourites.

Delivery fee: Varies by restaurant. @talabatksa



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ToYou is another delivery service that goes beyond the menu. You can get lunch and dinner, groceries, flowers, or even fashion accessories with this app. What’s more, it has an option to schedule a car ride in case your Uber app doesn’t work. We love that the app also features a rating system upon delivery of your order. Here, you can put your feedback based on the merchant and overall customer satisfaction level to rate the representative.

Delivery fee: Varies for each merchant. @toyouksa

The Chefz


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Another option if you like a broad database of high-end restaurants, cafes, bakeries and dessert shops. You can search for restaurants, browse through the different food categories, choose the dishes from the menu and finally order food to be delivered to your doorstep.

Delivery fee: Varies by restaurant. @thechefz_



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Get snacks, drinks and desserts delivered straight to your door in less than 45 minutes. The app interface is simple and makes the food ordering hassle-free.

Delivery fee: Varies for each merchant. @wsselksa

AFC Gourmet

Looking for high quality ingredients to whip up gourmet dishes in your kitchen? Then, this should be your go-to online grocery delivery service. Products come in larger quantities at affordable prices. What’s more, AFC Gourmet has everything from frozen meat and seafood, caviar and truffles to essentials like olive oil, as well as ready-to-eat meals, pasta, desserts, beverages and even a selection of commercial crockery supplies.

Delivery Fee: None but a minimum order of SAR200 required. @arabianfoodcorp



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Nana is a grocery delivery app that gets your groceries delivered from neighbourhood stores, sometimes within the hour. Just add items to your cart and check out. You can get anything from groceries and produce to household items from more than 20 retailers in Riyadh alone, including Tamimi and Carrefour supermarkets. You can also provide instructions about replacement option for your items.

Delivery fee: Varies for each retailer. @nanaappsa



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True to its name, Freshvery prides itself on delivering the freshest produce money can buy. If you’re concerned about where your fruits and vegetables come from, Freshvery is definitely worth checking out. Freshvery generally offers next-day delivery.

Delivery fee: None but a minimum order of SAR100 required. Only available in Riyadh. @freshveryksa

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