Get ready for kickoff at Saudi Arabia’s first Red Bull Four 2 Score

Fierce footie competition awaits…

Lace up your cleats, the Saudi Arabia Red Bull Four 2 Score football tournament is happening at the end of March.

According to Arab News, it’s Saudi Arabia’s very first version of the tournament.

Happening from Friday March 31 until Saturday April 8, the tournament is centred around football matches for teams of four which gives amateur players a chance to showcase their skills.

The new tournament comes with an exciting set of rules which add to the suspense of the game. Get this, each goal will be doubled in the first and last minute of the 10-minute matches.

There are also not going to be any breaks or goalies, so players can score whenever they can. Both male and female participants need to be between the ages of 16 and 35, and the tournament will be divided into the group stage and the knockout stage.

The tournament is going to be held at Koora Park Stadium in Riyadh, the teams will battle it out on the field for the six-day qualifiers, between Friday March 31 and Wednesday April 5, with the national finals being on Saturday April 8. There will also be national finals for women happening on April 5.

The Saudi winners will also get to travel to Germany where they will face winning teams from more than 25 countries where they will then win big at the first Red Bull Four 2 Score championship world final.

The event will also be heading off to Mauritius on March 18, Kenya on March 26, and the Maldives until May 30. It’s also previously been to the United Arab Emirates.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Grab a few friends and register for the event here. We’ll see you out on the green?

For more information visit: redbull.com