Restaurant Review: Kayzo Riyadh

Fuss-free Japanese fare anyone?

An incredible ambience and great food await you at Kayzo Riyadh.

Located in the Diplomatic Quarter’s Oud Square, Kayzo Riyadh provides a casual and relaxed atmosphere and serves excellent Japanese food, Kayzo-style.

Coming to you from the people behind the upper-class restaurant Japanese restaurant Myazu, Kayzo is a simpler and more casual dining venue. The name means a place where people can gather and chill out after work.

The decor is reminiscent of the Myazu story where the sweet blue sea meets the fiery volcano with accents of blue and warm tones of brown throughout the space.

Step into the airy space, which overflows with natural light from the huge windows positioned all around the restaurant. Take your pick between a comfy indoor table with plush royal blue couches or head on outdoors to the umbrellaed outdoor deck (if the weather permits that is).

Make your way to the bar and sip on refreshing drinks like the Blue Lagoon (SAR35) or the Exotic Berry Mojito (SAR35) and take it all in.

Kayzo Riyadh: the food

On to the meat though, the food. Kayzo Riyadh offers an array of hot and cold bites and salads which make for great appetisers. Dig into the signature Prawn Chilli Garlic Gyoza (SAR55) served with black vinegar dressing, or take bites out of the refreshing Avocado Salad, best eaten when you pack a little bit of everything in your bite.

No Japanese restaurant experience would be complete without having sushi and call us basic but the six-piece California Roll (SAR80) was calling our name. Dunk the roll in soy sauce and you’ve got a bite to beat.

If you’re after a more indulgent taste though, order the warm Beef Takikomi Gohan Rice (SAR90) for your mains and enjoy the joyful taste of truffle butter with beef that melts in your mouth.

And to end the experience on a sweet high, the decadent Warm Miso Cookie (SAR36) paired with caramel ice cream will have you frequenting the restaurant like no other.


To top it all off, the hospitality was top-tier and the staff were super welcoming and cheery making this experience even more worthwhile.

Kaizo E Yokoso (Welcome to Kayzo).

Kayzo Riyadh, Oud Square, Diplomatic Quarter, daily 2pm-11pm. Tel: 9200 14156. @kayzosaudi