10 amazing Middle Eastern restaurants in Riyadh to dig into

Falafel, fattoush, and fried kibbeh…

Who doesn’t love some good Middle Eastern food? Here in Riyadh, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to top-tier versions of the cuisine. Incorporating a spectacular flavour profile complete with traditional spice blends, Middle Eastern restaurants in Riyadh are some of the best.

The regional cuisine features incredible Arabic, Armenian, Levantine, Turkish, Lebanese, and of course Saudi dishes that you need to dig into. So without further ado, here are the best Middle Eastern restaurants in Riyadh.



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Avak is a modern Mediterranean restaurant in Riyadh’s Hittin district. You can sip on soups like lentil, truffle mushroom, and pumpkin too. Avak’s signature Avaktabbouleh, fatteh vine leaves, and mezza platters too.

Avak, Welfare Center, Hittin daily 1pm to 2am. Tel: 011 275 1833. @avak.sa



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Serving up Levantine cuisine, Awani aims to recreate dishes from the past and rewrite them for the future. The restaurant has two branches in Riyadh, one in Nakheel Mall and another in the popular complex The Zone.

Awani, The Zone, Nakheel Mall, daily 8am to 1.30am. @awanilevant

Balcona 99


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Egyptian food has to be one of the most popular cuisines in Riyadh. Balcona 99 recently opened in Riyadh’s Olaya district coming in hot from Cairo. Here you can marvel at the stunning decor (there are actual hieroglyphics carved onto the walls), pictures of old Egyptian actors and singers, and even a portrait of a pharaoh. Menu highlights include mahshi, stuffed pigeon, and bamiya too.

Balcona 99, Century Corner, Al Olaya Sun to Wed 6pm to 12.30am, Thu to Sat 1pm to 12.30am. @balcona.sa


Located in the heart of Riyadh, Harat is inspired by traditional ancient Middle-Eastern neighbourhoods from the late ’80s. The venue combines Saudi, Lebanese, and Turkish cuisines on the extensive menu. The name translates to lanes in Arabic and that’s where the decor inspo comes from, it gives you the feel of eating outdoors without the (obvious) heat issue. Dig in.

Harat, Exit 5, Levels, Northern Ring Road, daily 6am to noon, 1pm to 1.30pm. @harat.ksa



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Coming to you from the brand behind Suhail, a firm favourite with local diners when it comes to Saudi food, Lusin is an Armenian restaurant in Centria Mall. Hold the shopping for another time and make your way up to the restaurant to try out delicious-looking foods like cherry kebabs and cherry prawns and the comforting Armenian manti.

Lusin, daily, noon to 1am,  Prince Muhammad Ibn Abd Al Aziz، Centria Mall Olaya Street. @_lusin_



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After a casual spot for lunch? Head to Nuri for Lebanese and Armenian food. The venue has indoor and outdoor seating areas, shisha offerings, and a chill ambience you and the family can enjoy. Try out the popular cherry kebabs, tenderloin steak served with a side of mushrooms or shrimp parmesan.

Nuri, King Abdulaziz Rd, As Sulimaniyah, daily 12.30pm to 1am. @nuri.ksa 

Offwhite Lounge

One of the most popular lounges in Riyadh, Offwhite combines traditionally Saudi, Armenian, Lebanese, and Italian cuisine. The venue is popular with families for its cosy ambience and stunning decor. Offwhite Lounge also has two other locations in Al Wahah and King Khalid International Airport too.

Offwhite Lounge, 6699 King Abdulaziz Rd, An Nafal, Sat to Thu 2pm to 1am, Fri 1pm to 2am. @offwhitelounge



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If you’ve been looking for a top-class Lebanese restaurant in town, Shababïk is your best bet. The spot serves traditional Lebanese fare in its incredibly vibrant space here in Riyadh. You can dig into food at any time of day, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner (or maybe even all three) at Shababïk. 
Shababïk, Musaid Ibn Jalawi St, As Sulimaniyah, Sat to Thu 9am to 1am, Fri 12.30pm to 1am. @shababikksa


Located in one of Riyadh’s most happening streets, Tahlia, Topkapi is a spot you simply have to check out. Decked out in traditional Turkish decor on the outside and floral embellishment on the inside too. Take bites out of karides sote (sauteed shrimp cooked in pottery), roast duck breast, and grilled meats too.

Topkapi, Tahlia Street, Sat to Wed noon to 1pm, Thu to Fri noon to 1.30pm. Tel: 055 989 8588 @topkapi_sa

The Lebanese Bakery

After a warm manakish straight from the oven? Straight from Beirut, The Lebanese Bakery has locations in U Walk and the Alyasmin district. Try out finger foods like falafel, fried kibbeh, and manoushe. There are also locations in Bahrain, London and Cairo.

The Lebanese Bakery, 8am to midnight, U Walk, An Nakheel. @thelebanesebakeryriyadh

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