Saudi Ministry of Culture launches Ramadan Season 2023

Forget the Riyadh Season blues…

Ramadan is here, and you’re probably wondering what your plans are going to be. The Ministry of Culture (MOC) is launching a new Ramadan Season 2023.

Ramadan Season 2023 will be held across 14 Saudi Arabian cities in more than 38 locations. Are you excited?

Ramadan Season is going to celebrate the local cultural identities of the Kingdom’s cities. The event will be celebrating the customs of Saudi society during Ramadan. The event will be sharing Islamic traditions with the world with a set of local experiences and showcasing the Ramadan culture in Saudi.

The events held during the new season will feature iftar and suhoor areas, entertainment activities, and sporty fun.

Additionally, there will also be live shows, contests, and arts and crafts events. You and the family can also look forward to traditional-style games and historical exhibitions.

Multiple events for the latest edition have been announced. These include the free “My Country: My Vision” area in Jeddah, and exhibitions like the “Ancient Stamps and Coins,” and “The History of Jeddah.”

There’s also the Main Ramadan Tent, the Ramadan District, and Gergean event too.

The first Ramadan Season was held way back in 2019. Events held during the season included Ramadan-themed exhibitions about the architecture of the Two Holy Mosques in Makkah and Diriyah Night events with traditional tent-like seating.

In the 2019 edition, Madinah saw the first-ever international exhibition of the Prophet’s biography and old-time Islamic civilisations.

Saudi’s been getting a ton of exciting events lately, like Rally Jameel, fun skydiving experiences, and the first-ever European food festival in Saudi.

There are also other exciting sporty events like the Saudi Games making a comeback later this year, along with the first-ever AlUla Camel Cup, and Saudi Arabia is also going to be hosting the FIFA Club World Cup in December 2023, too.

Ramadan Season will be bringing a ton of exciting cultural events, so start making your Ramadan plans now.


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