The best TV shows and movies to stream in Saudi Arabia in March 2023

Make movie night your best yet with these top new releases on Prime Video and OSN+…

So you’re stuck trawling Amazon Prime Video and OSN+ for something genuinely worth a watch? Read on for the best TV shows and movies to stream this month. Be sure to stock up on some snacks because you’ll have an assortment of films to go through with these streaming services.

Amazon Prime Video

Daisy Jones and The Six

Amazon Prime Daisy Jones and The Six

One of the most anticipated shows of the season has arrived. Based on the New York Times best-selling novel, Daisy Jones & the Six follows the story of the iconic 1970s band fronted by two feuding yet charismatic lead singers, Daisy Jones and Billy Dunne. In the series, Riley Keough stars as Daisy Jones, an L.A. singer-songwriter who teams up with an American rock band, The Six, led by frontman Billy Dunne (Sam Claflin), to create a supergroup that takes the country by storm. Thanks to drugs, power clashes, and electric chemistry between the band’s two leaders, their fame was short-lived but legendary.

Release date: March 3

Season 1: Swarm

Amazon Prime Swarm

From co-creators and executive producers Janine Nabers and Donald Glover, Swarm, set between 2016 and 2018, follows Dre (Dominique Fishback), an obsessed fan of the world’s biggest pop star who sets off on an unexpected cross-country journey.

Release date: March 17

Perfect Addiction

Amazon Prime Perfect Addition

MMA trainer Sienna Lane (Kiana Madeira) thought she had finally got her life together: A lovely apartment, her dream job, and Jax (Matthew Noszka), the love of her life. Jax and Sienna seemed to be the unbreakable couple, moving from strength to strength, as Sienna trained Jax to become the ultimate MMA underground champion. Everything felt perfect… until it wasn’t when she caught Jax cheating on her with her younger sister. Facing the ultimate betrayal from those closest to her, Sienna sets out for revenge and intends to hit Jax where it hurts the most – in the ring. The perfect opportunity presents itself in the form of underdog Kayden Williams (Ross Butler). Kayden is moody, resentful, and undisciplined but, without a doubt, a great fighter. Kayden and Sienna soon realise that to achieve their goals, they must work together to bring down Jax in the ring. But when Sienna and Kayden get closer outside the ring, the path to the champion’s title gets a little more complicated.

Release date: March 24


Triangle of Sadness

OSN+ Triangle of Sadness

The Ruben Östlund drama follows the story of two influencers, Carl and Yaya, who are invited on a yacht for a seemingly luxurious outing. However, the situation takes an unexpected turn when a storm hits the ship.

Release date: March 3



The world is a mysterious place when seen through the eyes of an animal. EO, the Oscar-nominated film, follows a grey donkey who encounters good and bad people and experiences joy and pain as he explores a vision of modern Europe through his eyes.

Release date: March 10

Holy Spider

OSN+ Holy Spider

Based on the true story of Saeed Hanaei, this horror crime film follows a journalist as she descends into the dark underbelly of the Iranian city of Mashhad to investigate the serial killings by the so-called “Spider Killer”.

Release date: March 10

The Oscars

OSN+ The Oscars

The 95th Academy Awards, the most prestigious night in the entertainment industry, is back on March 12. The ceremony will be available for streaming, making it widely accessible to many. Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, the ceremony will include nominations, winners, predictions and red-carpet fashion. The race for the win is on…

Release date: March 13

Minions: The Rise of Gru

OSN+ Minions The Rise of Gru

A villain will rise. In addition to Minions, Despicable Me and Despicable 2, OSN+ will now be streaming Minions: The Rise of Gru. The story of a twelve-year-old fanboy’s dream to become the world’s greatest supervillain, who hatches a plan to become evil enough to join a supervillain supergroup known as the Vicious 6.

Release date: March 17

Stand-Up! Ya Arab!

OSN+ Stand-Up Ya Arab

OSN+ is excited to launch its all-new OSN+ Arabic Original, Stand-Up! Ya Arab! this Ramadan. The series brings authentic, personal, and relevant stories to life through the voices of 60 comedians from all over the Arab World. The series, which was created with the idea to provide a platform to showcase and discover emerging Arab stand-up talents, aims to reflect the rich cultural landscape of the MENA region. The 30-minute episodes will feature a diverse group of artists, including Sheikha Al-Khalidi, Mohammed Maher, Ammar Najjar, Stephanie Ghalbouni, Abdulla Al-Ansari and Ghada Salah, who will bring authentic, personal and relevant stories to an Arabic-speaking audience.

Release date: 1st of Ramadan

Season 4: Succession

OSN+ Succession

The power struggle of the Roy family is back. The Emmy-awarded series, Succession, returns this March for its fourth and final season, with ten episodes available for streaming.

Release date: March 27

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