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5 exciting activities to check out in AlUla this Ramadan

Explore AlUla’s rich history and stunning landscape…

Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-pumping adventures or peaceful moments under the stars, AlUla has something for everyone this Ramadan. Here are five activities to check out:

Arts and culture

Immerse yourself in AlUla’s rich cultural heritage during Ramadan with special events, including captivating performances featuring the Al Mesaharaty drummer. These performances take place on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at various times late in the evening. Dive into Old Town Stories with local storytellers sharing ancient tales, myths, and legends that transport listeners through time. Additionally, attend Poetry Nights, inspired by AlUla’s distinctive Samaritan poetry and accompanied by enchanting musical instruments. These cultural events offer unique insights into the region’s history and traditions.

Thrill-seeking adventures

AlUla offers unparalleled adventures for thrill-seekers, including zip-lining through, climbing up, or abseiling down majestic mountains. Discover the serene beauty of AlUla’s dramatic landscape with guided biking or hiking experiences, taking you through breathtaking panoramas. For a bird’s-eye view, embark on a helicopter or hot air balloon ride, gazing over the stunning vistas below.

Experience the heart-pounding excitement of the Giant Swing at the Adventure Hub, leaping from a mountain’s edge and soaring through canyon terrain while marvelling at the gorgeous views. Suspended 85 meters above the ground and swinging through a 70-meter arc, this high-adrenaline activity is unrivalled in the region. As the swing slows, you’ll be lowered back to the ground, making your way back to the Adventure Hub. Tickets cost SAR250.

Explore Shaaran Nature Reserve after dark with AlUla’s iftar and night hike experience. After enjoying a meal of local delicacies, adventurers will set off on a 4km hike under the cover of darkness. The Hidden Valley’s natural beauty guarantees a sense of wonder and tranquility during this unique experience. Prices are SAR330 +VAT for adults and SAR275 +VAT for children.

Unique Iftars

Tama Habitas AlUla

Create unforgettable Ramadan memories with various iftar and suhoor packages in AlUla. Break your fast at the picturesque Harrat restaurant, offering regional and international cuisine, including mezze, shawarma, mandi, mixed grills, and Thai dishes, priced at SAR450 per person.

Experience iftar amidst the dramatic backdrop of the Ashar Valley at Habitas AlUla’s Tama. This delightful restaurant offers a traditional menu crafted with local ingredients and spices. Enjoy mezze, appetisers, and main courses for your post-sundown meal. The suhoor experience features fresh bread, seasonal fruit, and regional specialties, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

Night experiences

AlUla’s clear desert skies offer unique stargazing experiences during Ramadan, allowing visitors to marvel at the vast beauty of countless constellations. Combine your iftar with an astronomical experience in AlUla, embarking on the iftar and stargazing excursion at 4.30pm with a guide to the remote Gharameel area, renowned for its stargazing opportunities. Enjoy a traditional grilled dish for iftar, followed by an evening exploring the stars through a telescope before returning to the main town. The experience costs SAR330 +VAT for adults and SAR275 +VAT for children.

Daytime VIP tours

Experience some of the world’s most beautiful and unique landscapes on a private journey to explore distinctive rock formations and ancient inscriptions. This four-hour sightseeing tour invites up to three passengers to relax and marvel at the views in an air-conditioned 4×4 vehicle driven by a professional guide.

Depart from the meeting point and head toward the Sharaan Nature Reserve, featuring red-rock canyons, broad valleys, open desert areas, and rocky outcrops. One and a half hours into the journey, stop at Raqasat, also known as the Dancing Rocks, named for their wind- and sand-sculpted appearance as if swaying in unison.

Next, visit Mahlab al-Naqah Valley, where you can embark on a short hike to ancient inscriptions. Bask in the wonder of these magnificent writings during your third stop at the Alarabah inscription site. After soaking in the awe-inspiring history and landscape, return to the meeting point to conclude your tour. The VIP tour is priced at SAR1,900.