Celebrate Ramadan in Diriyah with a variety of fun activities

Coffee, hike trails, and more…

Ramadan is the perfect time to explore the historic region of Diriyah. And luckily for you, the area is putting on a ton of activities to help you and the fam enjoy the full range of things to do to celebrate Ramadan in Diriyah.

So when you get bored of the usual iftar around the table, you already know what your next move is. Head on down to Diriyah and enjoy everything from a coffee workshop to studying the sky over the area too.

A SAR100 Diriyah Pass is required to enjoy all the activities which are also redeemable at any Bujairi Terrace restaurant. You can book a pass here.

At-Turaif Retrospective (Descendants)

The best place to visit if you want to learn about Saudi Arabia’s past is Diriyah. This Ramadan, the experience’s second instalment just launched. You can view a variety of short documentaries to witness a variety of viewpoints and get a better understanding of the human story behind the Diriyah.

At-Turaif Retrospective: Descendants, Prince Meshari Bin Saud Palace, daily 9.30pm to 2am. @visitdiriyah

At-Turaif Iftar Coffee and Date Offering


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If you’ve been looking for an interesting way to break your fast, why not gather up the gang and break your fast in the presence of history? Marvel at the stunning backdrop of the At-Turaif UNESCO World Heritage Site as you dig into dates and Saudi coffee.

At-Turaif Iftar Coffee and Date Offering, Prince Mishari Palace, At-Turaif Mosque, daily 6pm to 2am. @visitdiriyah

Bujairi Terrace Program

But before you go out and explore Diriyah, you need to try out the 20 local and international restaurants at Bujairi Terrace. Take in the gorgeous setting of Diriyah and tuck into an amazing meal and then go shopping at Souq Al-Mawsim, the Diriyah’s first seasonal market to source seasonal and unique finds.

Bujairi Terrace, Diriyah, daily 4pm to 3am. Book your pass for SAR100 here. @visitdiriyah

Diriyah Coffee Workshop

In love with coffee? Well, now you can have an entire workshop dedicated to the beverage. Everything from roasting to tasting and then making the traditional Al-Arid coffee and learning all about the traditions and rituals of the people of Al-Arid.

Diriyah Coffee Workshop Prince Mishari Palace, weekends 9.30pm to 2am. @visitdiriyah

Discover the Ramadan Sky

Looking for a brand-new way to enjoy your evenings? You need to look up—study planetary movements and how they are associated with the times of Iftar and Imsak during Ramadan. Don’t forget to charge up your phone, as it’s going to be a sight to see.

Discover the Ramadan Sky, At-Turaif Mosque Rooftop, daily 6pm to 2am. @visitdiriyah

Hidden Heritage Trail of At-Turaif

A new trail to At-Turaif has been specially found for Ramadan 2023 so you can go on a discovery tour of the lesser-known places within the World Heritage Site and discover history in your own time. The tour will take you around the mosques of At-Turaif while learning all about the Imams and the community of At-Turaif during the First Saudi State.

Hidden Heritage Trail of At-Turaif, At-Turaif, daily 4pm to 6pm. @visitdiriyah

Recreate Your Family Tree

With this experience, you can hear stories about stories of kinship and family connections and create your own family trees too.

Recreate Your Family Tree, Prince Mishari Palace, weekends 9.30pm to 2am. @visitdiriyah

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