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Check out the Saudi 100 Brands exhibition happening right now

The exhibition features 100 designers…

Fashion lovers, listen up. The Saudi 100 Brands exhibition is back in Riyadh, and this is your chance to catch it.

The Saudi 100 Brands exhibition is going to be happening at Riyadh Front from Wednesday April 5 until Saturday April 8.

You can look forward to unique fashion design accessories from over 100 designers. You can purchase items from their exclusive collection ranging from bridal, couture, shoes, bags, accessories, perfume and jewellery. Tickets to the Saudi 100 Brands event cost SAR50.

The items on display showcase heritage elements and tell a story in each garment, so you can explore Saudi culture through fashion.

The program was launched by The Fashion Commission and was aimed at Saudi fashion designers and brands seeking to take their businesses to the next level. The designers also took part in a rigorous year-long, subject-matter-expert-curated intervention which will be led by the international fashion industry’s most experienced experts.

Burak Cakmak, CEO of the Fashion Commission, said: “Saudi Arabia is on a growth path across all sectors, including fashion, and there are great opportunities for local entrepreneurs to build new businesses across all parts of the fashion value chain.”

He also said: “Through programs like Saudi 100 Brands, we look forward to seeing Saudi designers take their rightful place on the global stage.”

The project also focuses on supporting designers and creators who want to build their own brands. The exhibition features everything from high-end fashion and ready-to-wear clothing items too,

So if you’re looking for a place where you can explore all the amazing local designers and go shopping, you’re headed to the right place.

Saudi 100 brands, Riyadh Front, daily 9pm to 1.30am. Book your ticket for SAR50 here. @sa100brands_official