All the family-friendly movies and TV shows coming to Netflix this summer

Cosy movie nights await…

Summer’s just around the corner, and you know what time it is. Family movie nights are back on the table. And luckily for you, Netflix is coming out with a plethora of content just for that. So grab the popcorn and check out the family-friendly movies and TV shows coming to Netflix.

Sonic Prime

Supplied by Weber Shandwick

Coming July 13, watch Sonic the Hedgehog and his action-packed adventures will go into overdrive when a run-in with Dr Eggman in what seems to be a universe-shattering event. To piece together his prime reality, Sonic races through the Shatterverse.

Supa Team 4

A retired secret agent still committed to saving the world recruits four teen girls neo-futuristic living in a neo-futuristic African city…even if it’s on a budget, thereby creating Supa Team 4. The show is coming to Netflix on July 20.

Gabby’s Dollhouse

Gabby’s Dollhouse is coming out with season 8 this summer. Gabby and her feline friends play their way through the dollhouse and end up meeting fairies, finding treasure and going on a ton of exciting adventures on August 7.

The Big Nailed It Baking Challenge

Love yourself some cooking shows? This next one is right up your alley. Running for seven seasons now, The Big Nailed It Baking Challenge stars, Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres. The duo will be giving a group of amateur bakers every baking tool imaginable, they’ll then be coached by world-renowned pastry chefs and be given the training necessary for a professional baker to succeed.

LEGO Ninjago: Dragons Rising

Many legendary realms have suddenly combined into one, but the union is
unstable. A Spinjitzu Ninja Master must train a new generation of heroes to help find
Elemental Dragons before evil strikes and uses the power for evil. It will be on Netflix on June 1.

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys: The Series

Supplied by Weber Shandwick

Part three of Pokemon Ultimate Journeys: The Series is coming out this summer. Get ready for some pretty non-stop action.

My Little Pony: Bridlewoodstock

On Netflix on June 6, My Little Pony: Bridlewoodstock will see the Mane 5 trying to stage a music festival during Bridlewood’s beautiful Lumi-Bloom.

Wake Up, Carlo!

After falling asleep for 22 years, a seven-year-old boy wakes up to find out that all his friends have become serious adults.

Images: Supplied by Weber Shandwick