Restaurant Review: Bagatelle Riyadh

French hospitality in the heart of Riyadh…

If you’ve been looking for the perfect new venue for lunch or dinner, we believe the search is over. Enter Bagatelle Riyadh.

The international brand comes from the South of France and celebrates the joie de vivre (exuberant enjoyment of life) spirit of the country. The brand has multiple branches all over the world, like Doha, Bahrain, Buenos Aires, and more. And we got to experience the Riyadh branch in all its glory.

Walk in through the gorgeous royal blue doors and you’ll see a ton of amazing posters and blue accents throughout the space. Wooden floors, plush couches, and an unrivalled ambience are just some of the reasons we would love to keep coming back to this spot, the cheery staff too of course.

Make your way over to the stunning bar and order one of the many homemade mocktails, the fayence (SAR78) has to be one of our favourites.

All about the menu…

To start with, we dug our forks into the famous eggplant parmigiana (SAR69), scallop carpaccio (SAR98), red gamberoni (SAR145), riviera salad (SAR81), and stuffed fresh pasta (SAR119). And if you order any of the starters, we’d say pick the stuffed fresh pasta and the incredible eggplant parmigiana.

Next up for mains, we tried out the whole farm chicken with tarragon in a salt crust (SAR349), and the super fresh sea bass with cooked meuniere, yellow courgette, and olive sauce (SAR129). The whole farm chicken tasted suspiciously like the warmest of hugs so if comfort is what you’re after, this is what you want to order.

For dessert, we tucked into jivara chocolate pizzetta (SAR69), lace crepe (SAR59), crunchy matcha meringue (SAR69), and a special treat made exclusively for the Saudi venue, which was a crispy ravioli infused with local flavours (SAR69).

If you order anything, order the jivara chocolate pizzetta. It’s the most unique dessert we’ve tried. It’s a proper dessert pizza made with the softest of dough and creamiest of chocolate.

The ambience of the space transports you to another dimension of chill vibes far far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday Riyadh life. So get moving, and head down to the Laysen Valley spot today and just relax.

Bagatelle Riyadh, MJRM+P2R, Wadi Al Amariyah, Umm Al Hamam Al Gharbi, daily 1pm to 1am. @bagatelleriyadh