E-visas to replace passport stickers in Saudi Arabia

In the first phase, it will affect residents of seven countries, including the UAE…

Saudi Arabia‘s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that the kingdom is switching to electronic visas. In the first phase of the update, e-visas will replace passport stickers for residents of seven countries, with the scheme expected to be rolled out to further countries as Saudi Arabia continues to move towards more digitalised consular services.

As reported by the Saudi Press Agency, Saudi missions in the UAE, India, Jordan, Egypt, Bangladesh, Indonesia, are now able to issue e-visas. The system has been in place since May 1, and makes visitors information via a QR code, erasing the need for a passport sticker.

According to The National, the ministry’s wider plan is to create a digitally-driven system to issue an array of visas, from work permits to resident visas and visit visas.