Here's how you can do Saudi like Messi and his family

The GOAT is in town…

Saudi Arabia has been catching the eyes of some pretty high-profile people lately. Sofia Vergara just starred in the trailer for Via Riyadh, Cristiano Ronaldo‘s living here now and just last year, Lionel Messi was announced as the brand ambassador for Saudi Tourism. So it’s safe to say, Saudi is attracting all the right people. And with the Messi Saudi Arabia visit, it’s only getting more exciting out here. 


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Wondering what the major football star got up in our neck of the woods? Here’s a quick recap.

Historical Jeddah

Jeddah Al Balad

Historical Jeddah (Al Balad) is a sight to see on any day. Al Balad is the historic centre of the City of Jeddah, the name literally translates to ‘The Town’ and dates back to the seventh century. Messi recently toured the area with his family too, so if you’ve never been, it might be time to check it out.

Authentic Saudi farm experience

The star was also seen touring an authentic Saudi farm. Where the footballer also took to Instagram with a photo of Saudi’s lush greenery captioned, “Who thought Saudi has so much green? I love to explore its unexpected wonders whenever I can.”

Laysen Valley

One of the more up-and-coming areas in Riyadh, Laysen Valley is home to a ton of international restaurants like Sumosan, Bagatelle, Santini, NOOA, and more. Messi was seen touring the area and stopping by a local perfume shop on the way.


Located in the heart of Diriyah, northwest of Riyadh, At-Turaif is the birthplace of the modern Saudi state founded in 1727. It is regarded as one of the country’s most important heritage sites and a symbol of Saudi identity. For over fifty years, this area served as the principal residence of House Al Saud and the administrative district of Diriyah, the centre of a state that spanned the Arabian Peninsula.

When there, Messi and his family watched a palm-weaving demonstration, and fed the Arabian gazelles, and  Messi’s wife Antonella Roccuzzo wore a traditional Saudi Hama which is a traditional Najdi headpiece.

Boulevard Riyadh City


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The magnificent Boulevard Riyadh City offers a variety of activities and events, including theatres, concerts, performances, and games, in addition to cafes, restaurants, shops, and firework displays. Messi and the fam were seen playing at the brilliantly lit-up Sala Hub arcade area.

Via Riyadh

One of the newest destinations in Riyadh, Via Riyadh is set to open to the public on Tuesday May 11. Pre-opening Lionel Messi and his family were seen touring the area. The new luxurious area will be home to a five-star hotel, 20 stylish brands, a first-of-its-kind cinema and dining at some of the world’s finest restaurants.

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