Rüya Riyadh is officially open in Midtown

The venue has flown in from London…

Riyadh’s dining scene has always been one to welcome the most amazing and diverse venues, even more so this year. One genre of eateries we’re yet to see more of though, is Anatolian, but that’s changing. Rüya Riyadh is officially open.


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The brand is known for its stylish restaurants in London, Doha and Dubai (and pretty soon in Cannes), and the Riyadh one fits right into the portfolio.

Opening a gorgeous new spot in the popular complex Midtown, Rüya Riyadh is serving contemporary Anatolian cuisine with a Turkish spin. Walk in through the modest all-black entrance, and a very colourful venue will greet you.


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Flooding with a ton of natural light and offering amazing views of the capital, Rüya has to be one of the prettiest venues we’ve ever seen. There’s a bar in the back, an open kitchen, and a manakish station with a wood-fired oven, colourful carpets and tiling.

The menu is inspired by the culture, traditions and history of the Byzantine, Anatolian and Ottoman empires and of course contemporary Turkey too.

Signature dishes include the Icli Kofte, Two Cheese Pide from the Black Sea which is a flatbread with bubbling cheeses (brace for the cheese pull), and 24-hour Slow-Cooked Short Ribs.

So if you’re looking to try out a new cuisine in the heart of Riyadh, now you know the newest hotspot to dig into.

Rüya Riyadh, 1224 Prince Muhammad Ibn Abd Al Aziz, As Sulimaniyah, daily 12.30pm to 1am. @ruya_riyadh

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