The most luxurious cinema in the world is set to open in Via Riyadh

 Grab the popcorn…

Going to a cinema has been one of the most popular activities in Saudi Arabia ever since they’re reopening back in 2018. And the whole experience is about to get so much more luxurious. Here’s everything you need to about VOX’s Via Riyadh experience called The Renaissance Theatre.

The new theatre will be bringing a cinema experience right out of your imagination and is divided into seven never-seen-before rooms.

Starting off with the Avant Garde room which is one of the comfiest seatings ever. Picture this, plush beds, cosy pillows and vibes and the latest flick on the big screen in front of you. Next up we have the cutting-edge technology Intersellar which can be booked by a seat.

You can also head out to the Oasis cinema which gives more of a relaxed, chill, and homey vibe. The Orient Room is where you and the gang can enjoy a vintage-style seating area complete with the latest audio and video technology. After more of an Alice in Wonderland vibe, the Secret Garden is the one for you. A dimly lit, garden-themed venue awaits.

Tradition meets modernity in the Tuwaiq room, where you’ll be greeted with mud-brick architecture and a majlis-style sit-down seating area. Lastly, there’s also a Wall Street-themed area too with handcrafted luxury cinema pods.

Get ready for a movie experience of a lifetime.

For more information please visit: ksa.voxcinemas.com/renaissance

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