There's a brand-new NEOM Railway coming soon

All aboard…

NEOM. Just the name gives you massive futuristic vibes and excitement for what’s to come. The incredible development has multiple megaprojects within it, and now you can travel between them with the new NEOM Railway.

The railway will be connecting said megaprojects like tech-savvy vertical city THE LINE with Oxagon.


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The construction of the NEOM Railway will cost US$1.5 billion and will extend 100 kilometres north to south and extends 170km from the coast in the West to the new Neom International Airport in the East.

The project reportedly has two high-speed and two freight railway tracks which can reach up to 230 kilometres per hour.

NEOM’s THE LINE will also have access to a high-speed railway link, THE SPINE. The link will be reducing the travel times for passengers by taking them from the airport to the outdoor winter destination TROJENA quickly.


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NEOM is located in the northwest of Saudi Arabia and will be offering everything from sun-soaked beaches and snow-capped mountains.

NEOM have multiple regions which include TROJENA, Sindalah, and as mentioned previously THE LINE and OXAGON. The first region of the massive development is set to open by 2024 and is set to be OXAGON. After which, TROJENA and the first modules of THE LINE  will be opening in 2026. NEOM is also built up on 95 per cent of a nature reserve.

NEOM is also set to welcome its very own airline, NEOM Airlines which will be launching next year. Flights will initially be operating out of NEOM Bay Airport. Currently, this airport is serviced by domestic Saudia flights as well as routes to London and Dubai.

For more information please visit: neom.com

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